B.C. Clinches Playoff Spot, thanks to Hamilton

B.C. at 9-3 and winning the season series with the Esks have officially clinched a playoff spot! The Esks who cannot finish better than 9-9 cannot finish ahead of the Lions!

so Congrats the B.C. for making the playoffs Officially!

yep...the schmoes blew it the last 2 weeks.

coulda been 6-7 instead of 4-9.

what changes do they make for next season, if any?...i feel they have not run the ball enough this season and relyed on too many rookies...

so next season, the rookies will no longer be rookies, so that should help them.

Wally has to do it this year with the Lions. In the off season coming up he will need to pare down his roster. At this time they have a top heavy salry base. He stated there are nine players not signed for next year and some if not most will not be in a BC uni next year. So it is this year or replace some very good quality players.

But our salaries isn't as high as Saskatchewans. I think all the teams will be juggling to make it under the cap.

I think the Riders have something in the order of 11-ish dudes that don't have contracts for next year, so they may be okay, besides having to find cheaper players to fill out the roster next year. I think you're right tho Sportsmen, it'll be interesting to see how teams handle it.

Thanks from what I assume as a Riders fan. Congrats on the victory against the Lions. It proves how one mistake can cost a victory.