B.C. Can still miss playoffs

if they lose their remaining games they can still miss.

That and every team in the east at 6-8 win minimum 2 games (which is possible)

The crazy math says the Riders are in now, so with one more win the Lions should be to.

Yes, the Lions can be sent packing alright. If SSK is in with 18 points then yes, the Lions only need to win one more game or tie two of their remaining games. I guess what the math is saying is that of the three top teams in the east, one of them will not be able to finish with at least 18 points. With no more interlocking games remaining that makes sense since it would be impossible for all three teams to win 3 of their 4 remaining games.

Well the Riders play the Esks twice and the stamps Bc plays the Esks stamps and bombers . I don't think the Riders will win again this year . Lions will probably beat the bombers and the last game of the year will play the stamps , who will sit most of their starters.

Yes, I think that is exactly what the Stamps will do once they secure 1st place in the West. What is most intriguing is that while the Lions could miss the playoffs entirely, they could also end up hosting the Western Semi-Final by finishing in 2nd spot. They would have to win their 3 remaining games and both Edmonton and SSK would have to help out. Possible? For sure! Probable? Hmmmmm….. :roll: