B.C @ Calgary

Lets go Stamps!!! clinch first tonight, and good luck Jesse :smiley:

And for our viewers who can't get TSN tonight ...

[url=http://atdhe.net/20967/watch-cfl-bc-lions-vs-calgary-stampeders]http://atdhe.net/20967/watch-cfl-bc-lio ... stampeders[/url]

Well this is awkward, 2 game threads. Mods, please delete one

ya think maybe the lions could pull a ticat?

maybe this is the night of the cats

be afraid, be very afraid :slight_smile:

I was just thinking the same thing :lol:

There is NO way the Stamps should lose this game, if they do I'll..........................

have another beer :wink:


Have many more beers :smiley:

WHAAAT??? :o

#25 just got totally undressed by Black. :lol:

Well, shades of Ivor Wynn already????

Good to see BC off to a good start...

Says you :lol:

Says this Eskimo fan too! :rockin:

Why are you cheering for BC? We're fighting them for the last playoff spot. :lol:

Yeah whaddup

EXACTLY Chief! :smiley:

OK, cfl cheering for BC makes sense, but I'm still scratching my head about Kristjan. Someone must've hit the liquor cabinet pretty hard tonight. :lol:

Wow this is shaping up just like the Cat game early on

Because they're playing Calgary, and Calgary always deserves to lose. Thats just a given if you're an Eskimo fan.