B.C. Backup needed.

I feel very much for the lions and there fans, watching two very exciting Qb's go down. The printers come back has been a groovy story. so WHEN the lions get into the playoffs on sunday, who will Wally call as the backup to fifth stringer champion. i picked a few, would like to know, for fun, who you guys thing wally should call...

  1. Ben Sanky- Played for wally on occasion, has both CFL and NFL expeience. Has proven he can play pro football. at least as a backup.

  2. Marcus crandle- HAs been resting for a whole season. Won a grey cup with Wally as a starter, and one as a backup to K.J.

  3. Ryan Dinwittie- first playoff start was a grey cup game. had potention... and my wife says he has great eyes.

  4. Ritchie williams- Got the shaft from Kelly this year, had potential to be a third stringer in the CFL.

  5. Doug flutie- PLyed for wally, won grey cups in toronto and Calgary, and started his CFL career in BC. ONly contract is with versus.

love to see what you guys think for backups to champion.

Hopefully Lulay can recover enough from whatever his injury is and play. I'd rather not see Buck if he's just going to get hit once and be knocked out. Printers broken thumb on the throwing hand means he's probably out. Champion will have first team reps this week which will help him huge and hopefully there will be no need for another guy to get in the game.

Of the choices listed above, I'm thinking Sankey but is he not on anyone's practice roster? We'll find out soon what happens. It may mean nothing if Hamilton doesn't play like they did last week against the Riders. The Bombers looked awful last week and so they SHOULD lose tomorrow but who knows in the CFL.

Are Printers, Jackson and Pierce confirmed to miss next week?

not officially. I am just trying to have a little fun if all four ahead of champion are out.

Does anyone know if the Lions have another QB on their practice roster? I’m thinking someone should be in camp.

...yes, by all means concentrate on the QB situation, because there is really nothing wrong happening on the defensive side of the ball...

...seriously, go with no QB, run the Wildcat all day long, if you can't stop an average offense like you faced last night you might as well forfeit the game in Hamilton and save the air fare...Hamilton can run a Fan Appreciation Day in lieu...maybe Winnipeg will provide the bullet your season needs, maybe, if they are merciful enough...

I was thinking more along the lines of putting a bullet in the Bombers wounded playoff hopes and then doing the same to BC the week after :wink:

...yes, well, the Ticats have long desired the taste of post season victory...who am I to advise against it?...very well, slaughter at will I suppose...

You should focus your attention on Edmonton now, or are you not worried? :wink:

My guess is Don Moorhead or Jerry Tagge. Although do not rule out Peter Ohler. Personally I would go with Joe Papao or Matt Dunnigan. Then again there is always Eric Guthrie, the Canadian Rifle or Gino Caravatta. Or maybe ....???? :lol: :lol: :lol:

You forgot Roy Dewalt and Joe Capp! :lol:

Jeff Garcia is available.

Ryan Leaf was a guest of the Lions on friday hes not doing anything maybe he could play.

go with Ryan Dinwittie, or give your last guy, T-something a go.

one thing is for sure, the BC is gonna have to rely on their running game.

Whoever B.C. decides on, they should test for porcelin before signing....

Jeff Garcia wouldn't mind being under contract for only a week... throw all the money we have left under the cap at him, plays the one game, goes back to free agency and waits for an NFL job to open up.

I thought he retried for good?

So did Favre, twice.

lol true.