B.C. and the GREY CUP are featured in CFL MAGAZINE

CFL magazine's new issue. It has B.C. fans on the cover. :smiley:

With the 2005 GREY CUP logo and the headline :

TOAST OF THE COAST : Vancouver Gets set to Party. :smiley:

Legendary LION : Remembering "DIRTY 30" [Jim Young]

An article about SASK. Roughriders give fans a bigger bang for their buck :smiley:

They still have an article on every CFL team. :smiley:

FOOTBALL 101 : five ways to score :smiley:

a feature on DAVID LOWRY [U of ALBERTA]

a feature on HAMILTON OWNER : BOB YOUNG :smiley:

Remembering great GREY CUPS : EDITOR

A kids corner :smiley:

good stuff, can't wait for the Winnipeg edition next year.

Well , they should have 1 for every team. So far ,TORONTO , MONTREAL , THE REFS , and now......... B.C.

They still have articles about each team , though.The WINNIPEG article is , "all over but the crying" , SORRY! The MONTREAL one is " a not so subtle , shift "

have you checked out their website , yet? :smiley:

here is more on the CUP in B.C.


you should

are you talking about "CFL Insider"?