B.C. 37 , SASK. 23

It is only exhibition…as some would say and means nothing. :smiley:

B.C. …looked good . :smiley:

Teams to have yet to win a point so far , in ex.

Montreal and SASK…

well done :smiley:

For someone who keeps insisting that the only thing that counts is the post season, you seem to put a lot of emphesis on the preseason.

I’m not really worried. Versus Calgary, we left most of our starting defence behind and our man KK. Then today, Our starters were excellent, and the rookies had a meltdown in that 4th quarter. I think we should do well this year.

Saskatchewan SUCKS


What ever you do , don’t say anything bad about MONTREAL :lol:

:lol: OH , I guess........ I wrote here and read that you have written that the pre season means nothing. :lol:

Is that not right?

This game was between B.C. and SASK…I was just stating the facts.

And I have never written that the regular season means nothing…it is how teams get to the most important part of ANY sport…called the play offs.

By your way of thinking the OTTAWA SENS , should have won the STANLEY CUP ,the last 5 years in a row. :wink:

We have noticed…I am betting TORONTO or B.C…with the dark horses of SASK , CALGARY and HAMLITON…

I would have predicted MONTREAL this year but I think that there days are numbered…NOT every team can be number 1 forever…just ask BUFFALO…

any way this was about B.C. and SASK ? Wasn’t it?

hellothere you said on May 30th in the best defence thread

And in football all people care about is winning the play off games

On MAy 31th you said.
As the saying goes…STATS , go out the window in play off time

On June 1st
Winning in the play offs , is all that matters

That is 3 times where you said that the regular season means nothing.
Now you find the PRESEASON important enought to say that we should care about who wins and who loses and which teams have points

Interesting! Are you going to flip flop like this all season long?

Like i said way back…Calvillo’s going to miss Copeland more
then any Montreal fan can imagine.

Wait and see!

And Sask fans are going to being crying the blues(for Greene’s head)
within a month of the season.

Take that to the bank!

Which do you think are more important …the play offs or the regular season…? :roll:

Yes, when the play offs start, the season stats are meaningless…are they not?

I have written several times that the regular season is important for a team to get into the play offs…THAT is why…the NFL , NBA , CFL , MLB, NHL …have a regular season.[ also to make money,as well]

Yes , I did write that , but it would be nice if you didn’t take my quote out of context during that other argumement. We were discussing something else.

I didn’t FLIP FLOP …since , it was YOU and AL MOLSON who wrote that the pre season doesn’t matter , when OTTAWA beat MONTREAL at home., the play offs doesn’t matter in guessing who might win the CUP , this year.

Please read what I wrote at the beginning of this thread.

So , if pre season doesn’t matter , then why get upset that MONTREAL , has 0 points so far? :smiley:

You and AL MOLSON have been rude and anal rententive against any one who has dared to critise MONTREAL …not just me…and we can also…show your posts where you and AL MOLSON not only started this argument , but tried to bully other posters towards your own point of view. :roll:

See this thread as just another example…of that. :wink:

This thread was about B.C. and SASK.

Lets get the MODs involved and read ALL of your and AL MOLSON’S , posts.

As well , as mine.


Don’t worry, I have never had a problem with you…even though you pick Montreal to win the CUP…you could be right…who knows.

I think that you are cool. :wink:

My mistake was talking about how many points a team has gotten during the pre season.I thought this thread was about B.C. vs. SASK…but the mention of Montreal causes certain people to go nuts as they did here at this thread.

25,000 SASK fans in SASK…well done.

GREAT pre season attendee numbers…so far.

First of all I dont see where either Alsmolson or myself have been rude to you or anyone else for that matter(well maybe one person but that is another story). Not that it matters but have you been here the last few years? That was rude. How in heck can anyone try to bully another poster here into our point of view. We type to people who and hundreds and thousands of miles away. That remark was just silly.

Your last point to me was that you never said that the regular season was not important, I quoteds 3 times where you did. Where they were posted is not important nor were they taken out of context.

No-one started any argument. You made a statement, I made a statement it is called a discussion. Calling the mods if someone disagrees with you is just plain childish.(btw go ahead if you want)

Where are Montreal fans making excuses for the lost. We flat out said that we dont care that they lost because it ment nothing. You are the one who clames we care. I even asked you directly if you think we care and you answered “YUP” Let me go on the record right now they will prob lose next game as well and we still wont care.

Finally being anal retentive means to be pickey or fussy. I cannot be fussy towards your critism, I can be defensive, protective or even critical but not anal.

All that being said and done, If you want to post on a board like this one go right ahead but dont expect everyone to smile and say your right all the time.
I will never insult you, or call you any name but, if I dont agree with you I will tell you so and wherever possible put some facts, like stats on the tableto back up my statement. That is what this board is all about

You admit being rude to one person here and I would suggest that you read the threads “TSN POWER RANKINGS” or the thread, “OTTAWA beats Montreal in Montreal”

All the posts are on the record for all to read.

Interesting tread
However you may notice that I did not make any posts under that thread as it was the first time I read it therefore I was not rude to you or anyone else.
You however, did directly insult someone by refering to them as a body part if I am not mistaken.

Yes I was rude to a poster on this board(notice how I admit when I am wrong) This poster took great pleasure in making references to people’s sexual orientation along with insulting their wives or husbands and kids. This person has since been banned and I have not so I guess the mods saw things my way.

Getting back to the thread that you pointed out, I saw nothing from als fans that has not been said by anyone else. You may have even seen some signatures that appear on certain peoples posts that directly insult certain other teams. You never hear anyone cry about that because it is all taken in the spirit that it was ment “good old rivalry and fun”

After your personal attack however you should be :oops:

This bring me back to my closing statement in the previous post.
If you want to post on a board like this one go right ahead but dont expect everyone to smile and say your right all the time