B.C. , 30 Vs. EDMONTON , 28

In another CFL game for the ages B.C. beat EDMONTON but needed to have the whole farm up their behind to win this game. :roll:

B.C. got 2 T.D.s from interceptions. :thup:

EDMONTON , came back in the 4th , Q. to pull with in 2 points with about 2: 20 to go in the game.

B.C. gets the ball and all they have to do is get 1 or 2 first downs to win the game. B.C.'s back up Q.B. was having an awesome game.

HOWEVER , for some mind blowingly stupid reason , WALLY , decides that an only 80% DICKENSON [who hasn’t played the whole game] , should Q.B. this series.

B.C. : 1ST down [loss of 5 yards for B.C.] 2nd down [a sack of 80% injuried,DICKENSON].

B.C. PUNTS :thdn:

B.C. punts the ball with 1 minute left and of course EDMONTON moves the ball to B.C.'s 30 with 16 seconds left. Make the F.G. and EDMONTON wins the game , 31 to 30.

However , B.C.'s horse shoes came through again as EDMONTON blow the snap on the F.G. and the game is over.

B.C. 30 , EDMONTON , 28.

CONGRATS to B.C. , and to those B.C. horse shoes! :thup:

B.C. played great , but what was WALLY , thinking???
If B.C. had lost that would be a major reason why!!! :thdn:

EXCELLENT CROWD IN B.C. , largest of the year , I think! WELL DONE! :thup:

If BC had lost, that would have been laid at Wally’s feet…no doubt. Tonight, Wally got lucky, that’s all I can say.

The EE played a solid game, and if it weren’t for a few mistakes, would have won it.

Thankfull, they lost. Next game…Montreal.

You gotta be happy any time our backup can play against their starter and win. Although I would give most of the credit for the win to our D tonight. Miles and Banks both played outstanding. Other than the fumble I thought Smith played well and ran the ball with authority tonight.

Yup, mistakes happen. Smith had a fumble, oh well, overall, he still had a good game.

Damn, this is frustrating.

I'm sure most Eskimo fans are happy that there IS a crossover in the CFL this year, but then again.. Toronto won last week and I think are going to start playing well once they get healthy.

I'm not even sure they can count on that to happen.

I'm prety sure they're thankful that the second half of the schedule is alot easier then the first half. I think we'll do well in the second half of the season. We just needed to gel, and the rookies needed to get some experience and get caught up with the CFL game. (Jonte Buhl, JR Larose, Roosevelt Williams)

Our O-line is getting better, and Troy Davis is starting to come on because they're giving him carries! 9 wasn't enough last night.

Good effort against BC. A couple bone headed plays and forced throws from Ray.

And people calling for Danny Maciocia's head after this game need to check themselves. Maciocia wasn't the one on the field catching a PERFECT snap from Maurer. Jason Johnson lost this one, and he would be the first to admit it.

The second half of the schedule is two games against Toronto, 1 against Montreal, two against Hamilton, 2 against the Riders, and the Calgary series.

If they can win 5 games, I think they'll make the playoffs. I think that's realistic.

Wow.. this is just so frustrating.

Tough way to lose the game, on a mishandled snap. It was a great game , both teams played well. IMO, Buck Pierce is fast becoming the best back-up QB in the CFL.

Congrats to BC. Strange game

.....Congratulations Lions....you stole that one.....Eskimos ...while looking better ...definitely are not the team they were....horrendous 'o' line...and that idiotic move to let the clock run down was the topper....Danny M. will be looking for work shortly.....and if they don't replace him....the Esks. can look forward to the basement for awhile...also on Buck Pierce....this guy is NOT a second stringer....he could start with any team ...including the Bombers.....i believe if there is a new team in Ottawa next year....that they have Buck high on their recruiting list... :wink:

I hope not, I like Buck right where he is. :slight_smile:

I must disagree with you on one thing...

Pierce was struggling! the reason he got sacked 8 times was because he kept holding onto the ball WAY too long and didn't throw it away or to a receiver when he should have (inexperience there) And continued to struggle more towards the end of the game..

Buono Chose to put Dickenson in because he felt that he would bring some stability to the drive but the Esks were already on a rampage...

Luckily for us Non-Eskimo Fans.. Johnson messed up! :rockin: :lol:

the Esks have had all the horse shoes, and all the luck for years on end! FINALLY they are feeling the other end of the luck.

That is something that can be easily fixed. He's has just new as a starter so he still have to learn but there wasn't too much wrong with his play calling. Maybe trying too hard to be perfect and didn't want to get it intercepted.

Correct, cflisthebest.....when Dickenson came in, the announcers stated that Pierce had thrown a total of 80 yards in the second half. Brutal!!

Tough call, though.....do you stick with a warm, uninjured (although took a beating on the sacks) quarterback who is struggling, or put in a cold, injured (and rumoured to be made of glass) quarterback??

I think there may have been some people who may have been on Wally's back regardless of the QB he put in for that series.

Well , it was a disaster for B.C. and I am sure EDMONTON knew that D.D. was not 100%.

We are talking about a team with the lead and only needing 2 , 1st downs to win the game.

" I guess B.C. is not going to pass and if they do , D.D. can't scamble , great "

Which was excatly what happened. :thdn: D.D. came in cold and not at 100%.

At least the other Q.B. could scramble and was healthy.

And what if D.D. got even more hurt?

What happened was a disaster for B.C. that almost cost them the game.

I agree with JM. Wally was going to be second-guessed regardless which QB he chose to play in the last series. The armchair coaches would have really been flapping their gums had the Lions lost.

BC won...those who analyze the coaching and think they have all the answers need to remember that getting the W/L reflects on the entire team, not just the coach. Wally made the call because that's his job, not yours. He knows his team and the things you just don't/can't know about them.

No game is ever picture perfect plays or calls that come without risk of failure - Wally did what he felt he needed to. And, as the coach, he gets to make those decisions...not us. Some will work, others won't. No one has that magic recipe that guarantees success - coaches assess the situation and make decisions based on what they think will benefit their team, that's all. And that's what Wally did.

.......Thanks BC fans for making Friday night a great time for a couple of visiting stamps fans...the crowd was excellent, the game was very entertaining, the ending was fabulous (that's three last-play-decides-the-game CFL events for my son and I this year), and the halftime show completely suqued....love the ferry horn btw......had a great time Lions fans!!.......

Glad you had a good time Red…Most of our half time shows kind of lack…well…entertainment. Thats why I use half time to make the wash room break.

I agree, we kind of stole one. But, I will go back in history, and I can remember numerous times Warren Moon and Tom Wilkinson performing some last minute herorics (jm02…is that a word?)to win games for the Eskies on the last play of the games. So, I’ll take the win, no sympathy tears from me.

and as far as the sacks were concerned, Wally told Pierce to hold onto the ball and try to run if his first read found nothing to throw to.