B.C. 29 , SASK. 4 at H.T. = OUCH!

Well it looks like : maybe?


SASK. needs a miricle come back in front of 50,000+ B.C. fans.

This GREY CUP will be cool , because at least it will not be EDMONTON Vs. MONTREAL again.


I wonder if Luca Congi will return to Regina with a load of manure on his lawn? What was that missed field goal at the end of the half? 22 yards? BC's gonna win this game regardless, but that could have given his team some momentum at the end of an embarrassing first half. Too bad he sucks.

just keep remembering bud..

esks missed the playoffs... esks missed the playoffs... :roll:

Sure. And you know what else I remember? 1990. 1991. 1992. 1993. 1994. 1995. 1996. 1997. 1998. 1999. 2000. 2001. 2002. 2003. 2004. 2005. 2006. The 17 YEARS since the riders last won the Grey Cup. So long as the lowly riders NEVER win the Grey Cup again, I can take all the trash talk you can hand out over the once every 35 years that the Esks miss the playoffs; with a smile. Better luck breaking the streak in year 18. We both know it ain't gonna happen. Now, how's that load of manure coming along?

funny how you remember the past events.. this sounds like a typical Esks fan.. remembering 34 years straight.. 5 cups in a row.. blah blah blah.. thats all back yesterday.. start living in the present! All those teams in the past are not the same team as today! AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!

Sask really made them hard to cheer for today. They acted like they weren't expecting it to be loud in that place. Its loud EVERY game in BC place. All those procedures and timecounts were unacceptable in my eyes.

I was windering when someone was going to talk about the game, instead of re-hashing the Eskies-are-out-riders-are-in-eskies-won-34-years-rider-lost-for-17-years mantra...it's getting VERY boring.

Today, the Lions showed up, in every aspect of the game, and the Riders didn't. I wonder who was over-confident?

Maybe if larry was watching the game, he'd have seen that Butler botched the snap, and so missing the FG wasn't exactly Congi's fault.....

How's that for football talk, hwgill? :wink: Good game for your boys, btw.....good luck next week....

I don't think that was Butler's fault; it was a bad snap; Butler did the best he could with a bad snap. Don't blame Congi, don't blame Butler...that screwup belongs to the snapper (not that it matters in the total scheme of things...)

And you know what sounds like a typical riders fan, cflisthebest? Refusing to talk about his sad sack, pathetic team, and deflecting the topic of conversation to another team. So, you want to talk about today, eh? OK, no problem. How did your riders do in the Western Final, TODAY? Are they going to be competing next week, for their FIRST GREY CUP IN 17 YEARS, or did they get their asses handed to them, and are going to be watching the Grey Cup in TV? Why don't you talk about how YOUR team did, TODAY, rather than bringing up the past, and teams that have nothing to do with the topic of conversation?

What were the esks doing today? It sure wasn't playing football. At least the Riders made it to the Western Finals this year. :roll:


Larry… you shouldn’t be even saying a WORD about the Riders… seeing as they made it and your team never got there.

its called being a hypocryte!

If your team had been the Winning team yesterday… and not 7-11 and out of the playoffs. then you could have shot your mouth off.

I thought it was 6-12...

6-12 sounds a lil bit better...