Just sitting here on a rainy game day in the Hammer,and to pass the time I started thinking what the record was for least wins combined for 2 teams in a season.Since the league started an 18 game format in "86" that is as far as I went back in my research.The record of 6 wins combined has occured twice,in "97"(HAM-2-16,WNP-4-14)
and again in "03"(HAM-1-17,CALG-5-13)(Imagine that !! my Cats are involved both times :oops: )Anyway all the B.B's and Esks
need to do to break the record is win 3 more games combined,or 4 wins combined to tie.I'm thinking they both have a good shot at this infamous futility record this season,and combined will set the new standard of ineptness for future teams to try to NOT strive for.Gazing into my crystal ball,I can see the new standard and record being set at probably
4 games combined......maybe 5 but that's stretching it.Anyways to the many dedicated fans of these two teams,fear not
combined you could wind up in the record books this year!!!! So let's be optimistic out there,keep up the GOOD effort
and futility and the record will be yours. :oops: :thup: :thup: :wink:

Hamilton , Ottawa and Montreal must be in that mix. Some awful efforts. Think Somebody made the playoffs with 4 wins one year, in the 80's !?

http://www.cfl.ca/standings/1981/reg Yup!!! The year Vince Ferragamo,Whiteshoes Johnson,Fred Bilitnekoff,Jake Scott

Tom Cousineau led the Al's to a sparkling 3-13 season,and the omnipotent Ottawa Riders rode a marvellous 5-11 record all

the way to the Grey Cup Final,the Argos brought up the rear that year with an amazing 2-14 season.The Cats that year

had more wins(11)than the other 3 Eastern teams combined,but lost to the Riders in the east final on a flukey 102 yd TD.

No cross-over rule back then,I think this season was the reason the league changed the play-off format to what it is

today..................So I guess if you include this season....the futility record would be 1981 of AL's 3 wins,Argos 2 wins.

The 2013 B.B's and Esks are going to have to lower the bar somewhat.......2 wins for the record,3 to tie :oops: :wink:

I remember that Grey Cup with the 5 - 11 Ottawa team. Ottawa could have won the game except for the Esks tackling Tony Gabriel to the ground before the ball got into his hands. It was so blatant, even when you see the replay.
That was the year that Hamilton coached by Frank Kush had a great season, something like 12 - 4 but then Ottawa got hot at the right time.

They play each other twice in the second half of the season, so that's most likely two wins. (I guess they could tie too, but that's unlikely.)

Yup,yer right,they play the next two back to back,so that will bring the Win total up to 4 games combined regardless of who wins what game.So let's for fun give each of them a victory here,leaving them both at 2-10 with 6 games to go each.


E.E.'s......TOR/MTL/@ SASK/CALG/@B.C./@SASK.........Depending on the q.b. status....maybe 1 win vs. TOR or MTL. ????

B.B's......B.C/@CALG/@MTL/TOR/@TOR/HAM........Maybe a win over Tor. at home or even Ham. last game of season.

Good enough for a tie (18 games) with 6 wins with the "97" CATS/B.B.'S(2-16/4-14)@"03"CATS/STAMPS(1-17/5-13).

looks like the "81" combo of ALOUETTES(3-15)@ ARGONAUTS(2-14) will still have the record at 5 wins 29 losses for futility :oops: :thdn:

Yup brutal, Gabriel was flagged for offensive pi.

Agree,was a brutal call....almost like the fix was in.....league was embarassed enough about having a 5-11 team in final against an Eskimo power that was 14-1-1 and paid off the ref to ensure an Eskimo victory which would be better for business.The Riders had no business being in the play-offs that year,let alone in the Grey Cup Game and although they made the game more interesting than they should have,just imagine how BAD it would have looked if they actually won it all instead of the Eskimos in the middle of a 5 cup in a row dynasty run.This season was why the league changed over the play-off format to the cross-over rules that we have today,to ensure that this scenario would never happen again.

I doubt that the 1981 playoffs were the reason that the league introduced the crossover - in 1996. While it was probably the worst example in a series of poor-record eastern teams making it to the Grey Cup - leading western fans to say that "the western final is the REAL Grey Cup" - it was really the poor records of the eastern teams in the early to mid '90s, along with more teams in the west, that finally convinced them.

Ironically just 3 years later(84) the Cats made it to the Grey Cup with a record of 6-9-1,where they were destroyed by the Bombers 47-17. :oops: :cry: