Awwww Nuts!

First off, congrats to the Riders taking the Western Semi-Final. Durant is some QB. His middle name must be Houdini.

My biggest frustration in seeing the Lions lose is that we now have to put up with Turkeybend for another week. Oh man. Just no justice in this world!

hell of a game. Both teams left it all on the field......After the earlier snooze fest this was a fantastic game

:thup: :thup:

You were not around in the days of RoarLionsRoar and BCfan4life... take it someone who was around... he is much easier to take...

...this is true...but for a small fee I can make TB2 disappear for a week or four..

How about FYB? :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oooow….I like that sound of that RedandWhite. :thup:

The consolation in seeing the Ti-Cats still alive is that Bobo is an avid Ti-Cats fan and with his jpg talents he always comes up with just the right illustration at the right time. lol I'm sure he will give Turkeybend2 a run for his money. Another consolation is that with the Lions out of the way Turkeybend2 will have to rail on the Stamps for the next week. That should be interesting. lol

I've no doubt that while watching the game today Turkeybend2 was squirming in his recliner feeling like a basted turkey about to be served. I actually had a number of one liners for him but thanks to today's outcome alas I must save those for another season. :roll:

Oh Sambo42. Shame on you. lol

Come on FYB is a person too, he also has feelings. :roll:

He is a person right??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps: hats off to Lulay, to come back after that injury and play his first game back like that, wow. I admit I was nervous when they announced he would start. He was thier best chance and he proved it too.

Lulay was great! No doubt about it. He played much better than I expected. Durant was even better! However, SSK is going to have to improve its game if it hopes to beat Calgary. In my opinion SSK was fortunate winning the game.

I agree. At the start of the 4th I told my dad I didn't think we'd pull this one out. We've done a number of these 4th quarter charges throughout the season. I hate it immensely. If DD didn't finally use his legs, we'd have lost. BC had everyone else covered.

honestly this site is much better in some ways now that some select individuals have moved on

I gotta say I'm still excited about the game today. I was pretty nervous there for a while.

Shout out to my 3 fave lions fans in fyb, beagle and Sporty. I doubt sporty will read that but props to your Lions.

for a small fee, I can make it happen


Lions should hold their heads high, they had a solid season, and they really turned it up a notch today. That offense looks dangerous on the ground with the combination of Lulay, Harris, and Logan all in the backfield. For about 3 quarters it didn't look like the Riders could stop them. Should be interesting in the West again next year.


Gobble, Gobble- My Riders won but I will eat crow here and say the BC Lions were NOT PUSSYCATS TODAY. THEY SHOWED TOUGHNESS, CHARACTER AND PLAYED THEIR HEARTS OUT. If I was a Lions fan I would be disappointed but proud of those LIons. How can you fault the B.C. defenders who had perfect coverage but our player comes up with two miraculous catches. Not the defensive backs fault and both were key plays in the game. The Lions defence must be heartbroken. They played a great game mostly. As a former defensive back I can tell you that nothing peeves you off more than having everyone of offence covered only to have the qb , with no option left, scramble and make something out of nothing by running. Again, the Lions did almost everything right but did not get rewarded because of four exceptional plays by our quarterback. Tough game for either team to lose but my respect of Lulay and the Lions has gone up four notches. Great rivalries produce great games. Todays was a see-saw battle that could have gone either way , and, the last play could have resulted in a touchdown too. Great win Riders but the Lions should not lower their heads playing so well in the cold and on the road.
Riders may Rule but the Lions stood tall! :cowboy: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Classy post Turkeybend2! :thup: What I'm wondering though is what you think the Roughriders' chances are in Calgary next week? They came within a whisker of hanging up the cleats for the winter yesterday. Calgary is better than the Lions in my opinion. Full marks to SSK for pulling it off. For sure the Lions could have won that game and SSK would have been eliminated but I guess it was not meant to be. I have seen Durant scramble out of the pocket and make huge gain many times but what frustrated me yesterday is that when he got away with it a few times the D didn't seem to make the connection and adjust. Durant took full advantage of it. You'd think having been burned a couple of times the Lions' D had learned, especially in the final few minutes of play.

Regardless, the CFL was treated to a very entertaining game with all sorts of great plays happening: Logan's plays, Harris', Durant's, Sheets', and the play where the Lions defender almost intercepted the ball, bobbled it, only to see it land in the hands of the receiver for a monstrous gain. Then there was Milo's routine field goal attempt off the uprights.

Certainly I would have loved to see the Lions win yesterday but when you see a team earn the victory that is what CFL football is all about. And SSK earned that victory yesterday. No doubt about it. :rockin:


Back at you beaglehound- respect earned is received. To be honest, Calgary, Saskatchewan and B.C. are better than whomever the East has to offer. Except the Riders will defeat the heavily favoured Stamps on their own grounds next weekend.
I am surprised the Calgary management and p.r. folks have not jumped on a 'Calgary Tough' theme much like Boston did after their tragedy. Calgary as a community showed coming together and resilience after the flood and that could have been a rallying point for the Stampeders to bring the community together. As far as I can see that did not occur.
Rider fans will jam the stadium and stampede their way to hosting the Grey Cup game with them as participants. :cowboy: :rockin: :smiley: :smiley:

Riders Rule
Stamps Drool

Congrats on a really great game by the Lions, beaglehound - to be perfectly honest, I thought they played much better than my Riders. If DD had not stepped up with his running, the shoe would be on the other foot today.