Awww Nuts.

I am cheering for ham, but burris has earned my respect with his effort and performance the last number of games and I hate to see him get hurt.

Damn do I ever hope it is not serious.

That was quite the impressive drive he was leading...

Screw it.
14 threads.

Um... What? :expressionless:, really, did you get hit with a sudden case of temporary tourettes?.... any case, reports are hanks nuts are fine, it's his left shoulder that is toast...

if its separated....ouch....i think you can look for Akili to be the starter for awhile...or maybe Higgins and the gang can pry Maas out of the Als. camp... :roll:

What would they give up for printers?

Ham got williams, they dont need printers any more, heh heh'll be Akili getting the sheriff badge for awhile....I expect it'll take a couple of weeks before he is truly ready....should make for an interesting finsh to the season....

Chief why worry look where that post came from. Even Mike has better posts :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well I hope he is ready to beat the green and white whne they come to town. BC might as well chalk up two points.

Here's hoping he actually throws a TD! :lol:

I think if the Stamps rely a little more on Joffrey next week ( assuming his sudden fumblitus is cured ) I think they can attempt to win games like the Lions have with strong D and a total team effort.

Then your fucking delusional Dust, or just trying to be polite.