awww. I didn't get to reply to StampsonThat's Article???


I had a good one for him.. :x

I for one firmly stand by this forum and these guys who look after it! they're great guys and they run this place fairly.

I may have been a real jackass back in the past sometimes even a bit today but I still have tonnes of respect for each and everyone of these men (and women).. :slight_smile:

…call it a hunch but I have this funny feeling he’ll resurface again…maybe you’ll have time to hit him with your zinger before he gets skidded again…

I always knew you had a soft spot for me and the Eskimos. :wink:

I'm devastated not to know if I was in or out of the cliche lol I kept hoping they would name the full top 100 list but oh well :cowboy:

You had to be part of the 'click' to post on that thread... since you've been gone for 3 months...

When did Chief become a BB fan? I obviously missed something.

Not sure why the post was pulled, it was highly entertaining. It was insanely funny at times. :roll: :o

Chief lost a bet. There are a couple of threads regarding the Esks/Bombers game where the bets that were made are discussed if you want to catch up (the EE vs BB thread and the e Bomber Fan/Eskimo Fan Bet thread).

And the original post wasn't removed - the thread was locked.

Ahhhhh, thanks Blue Blood for clearing that up. My wife has had us camping off/on for 5 weeks now, so I haven't been able to follow the site all that much. One more trip and it's my butt in the recliner watching the Riders come back to salvage the season all in glorious HD. Poor Chief ..... NOT!!!!!

Don't feel too bad. My team isn't 1-5. :smiley:

I don't get mad anymore when the Riders lose because I've lived through it.

I'm more interested in them making changes.

good for you young grasshopper, you are maturing :thup: :wink:

Well from what I hear The Click is so secret and selective that none of its 100 or so members but its unknown leader know they are a part of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

And then there is the higher echelon of the Mod Society as apparently does not exist and no one knows anything about. :?

It's the next level secret society and matrix we can't see guys. It's all around you but you can't sense it but you know it's around somewhere:

[url=] ... re=related[/url] 8) (My Morpheus sunglasses for The Matrix effect)

Anyway hats off to the Mods who really work harder than I think most give credit to keep this for the most part a solid, running, and overall free-speaking forum for all but the most unreasonable of parties who go out of their way to insist on repeat incivility.

That last guy certainly went way, way out of his way even after the Mods let him have a whole lot more rope.

Ya, I can't argue with that. :frowning: