Awsome, but we need to do better

I don't want to be negative, but our running game is killing us. Cobb has to be taken out until he learns to hit the line. We will not beat the top teams without a running game. Our offensive co-ordinator has to be better. Late in the game we were 1st and 20. Gave it to Cobb who picked up (surprisingly) 11 yards. 2nd and nine, we give it to him again. What a bonehead call by our offensive co-ordinator. Especially when we have one of the best passers in the league and some of the best receivers.

Running late in the game with a good lead seems weird to you? :?

I am sick of Cobb, so I agree with taking him out a bit and watching maybe Thigpen who could fit through a pinhole at his size and runs like a racehorse.

Cobb had 10 carries, and gained only had a total of 20 rushing yards. That's right, he only average 2 yards per carry. He did catch three passes to get 20 rec. yards, but he has disappointed. As I pointed out in the game thread, Climie was right when he said Cobb needs to just put his head down and push his way forward. It looked like he started doing that two weeks ago. What happened? I thought the lack of a running game would cost us. Wilbur actually had more rushing yards than Cobb at the half.

I also agree regarding Gibson's playcalling. And we need to find a way to convert on 2nd and 3rd and 2.

But enough negative stuff.

Glenn had a great game. He completed 27 of his 33 passes (an 82% completion percentage) for 313 yard. Other than than pick, he made few mistakes. Also impressive was Stala with good catches and good blocks. And Mann looked more reliable than usual.

The defence held the fort very well, despite being on the field for quite a while. Lemon did have a good game, he just kept completing passes. But they were mostly short ones. They were adapting to the bend-don't-break D I guess. Three picks, three sacks (had to like seeing McIntyre push through) and how about that fumble Barker forced?

The blocked punt at the end of the half (and the expression on O'Shame's face after it) were great to see. And while we're talking about punting, what about Wilbur? He can tackle and run with it as well. It was a great tackle by him on special teams. I can imagine what was said:

Wilbur: "Hey Owens, remember me?"

Owens: "Yeah. Are you sure you're just a punter?"

It was a good game. Not good to see Hudson, B. Johnson, and Bradley go down. But at least Heyward can do well, and Jimenez will be back.

I iike Cobb but I think he's a bit soft and that is a concern, agree, albeit he does have talent. :?

Yes running late in a game when you need a couple of first downs to salt the win away is weird to me. Especially when you have NO running game whatsoever. We got away with one today, we will not against better teams.

D. COBB 10 20 1 11

Those stats are horrible...
if you take out his 11 yard run he was 9 / 9.
I have never seen a starter with such bad stats.

Exactly, I've been a Cobb supporter up until now, but enough is enough.

I also have a question. Why do we keep pulling Stala out of the game? It seems that every second play he is on the sidelines. That guy should be in for every play unless he is injured.

Hopefully we get someone in here asap and this is the last we see of him. Our running game appears to be the weak link and is something we need to get better as the colder weather is coming.

We need to bring that new guy in that had the tryout during the off week.
this is to short of a week for him to learn the offense but he should be good for the game after that.

As long as the guy can pass bock as well as Cobb. Ever wonder why Glenn has as much time as he does in the pocket? A lot of times it's because Cobb has taken out the blitzing linebacker. And maybe with Jiminez in there starting next week (perhaps?), there'll actually be holes to run through?

That said, we should probably use a second back to help with the running game - Thiggy, Brown, Fournier, McIntyre? As for Cuttino, not sure we really need another dancer. We already have two.

Ok, didn't realize Cobb blocks well, that is important no question CatsFan.

Cobb is a horrible pass blocker…
people run right over him, and that’s is cobb didn’t move out of the way.

Mike Gibson is awful, we need to attack attack we force a turnover. Throw a deep one and make them pay, but no we hand the ball off and lose two yards. Cobb needs to go.

It was nice to get the win but Montreal will be Hungry

We can’t make the mistakes we made today vs Montreal

Agree Onknight. I'm also concerned about Lemon, this guy is no Leak in Montreal, he has experience and I'm concerned about the Argos, we need to get better especially in our running game.

I know we have beaten Toronto twice now and won four in a row, but I would not want to play Toronto in the playoffs if we can't do better than we did today. We should have been losing at the half and that game would have been a whole lot different if Toronto played a more disciplined game. Our running game is non existent and our defense is giving up too many easy passes..... I hate to say it, but a healthy Calvillo will pick our defensive secondary apart next week. And there will be no picks in the endzone to save us from ourselves.

Three things remain unsettled for the Tiger Cats......... a solid no fear, hard nosed running back. Cobb was left unchallenged at TC camp becuase the mind set was no one out play Cobb. Well, we have seen how that experiment has back fired. I am getting sick and tired of saying this however I will say it again. Demitrius Sommers out ran and most importantly out played Cobb every time he touched the ball. Cobb has got to go or we go nowhere.

Two, other than Stala, another sure handed go to Canadian reciever like Sam Grigiere (sp) would certainly help the receiving core. I like Carter and Nicholson - however, better is better.

Three, Jikene Bradley (sp) should be replaced by Haywood ........................

The running game does have to be addressed, and Gibson has made some questionable decisions. I've been hearing about Conte Cuttino possibly coming in. How will he do with the O line we have though? I've been hearing that Jimenez coming back should help. But will he make much difference?

While we're talking about the running games, I should point out that Boyd averaged fewer than five yards per carry. And speaking of questionable coaching, Boyd only had 11 carries. Lemon had a 72.7% completion percentage and threw for 350 yards. But those picks were reasons this was a win for us.

Also worth noting is that the blue team was missing Belli and Copeland. Those two might have made some difference. But I think on October 15th, we can complete the sweep of this team, and beat them in the playoffs if we face them. But something has to be done about the running game. It's a major weakness that'll keep us from winning some games.

Nicolson is on the 9 game IR, so it would be good to have Giguere.

And Heyward might replace Bradley, as Bradley got injured this afternoon.

It's hard to guage this team because of the schedule.

The Ticats have only beaten two teams, Winnipeg and Toronto.

Fortunately they are division rivals.

This next game against Montreal will be a huge test.