How a team 13 games into the season can have that many AWFUL penalties is beyond me. Nonetheless not being able to move the ball on offense, TACKLE ON DEFENSE, and BLOCK! A very frustrating game to watch. Messam getting kicked out. One of our fat stupid linemen beaking their dline while we were losing and getting embarrassed on the line. Lots of class for a fat moron, who cant block, keep it up #63.

On top of all that. Highly questionable coaching as well... Can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN the point of going for 2 points? Sure we got it, but I still view it as a stupid call.

Heres to a fail of a team this week. Cheers! :thdn:

Eskies had momentum at that point (2 pt. convert) as they got down inside the five yard line again soon after that, but were turned away on downs. Can’t fault Messam on the ejection either (provoked one could say); lots of stuff was happening on the Lions side of it after the two point convert as well. However, stats wise was close (good sign); Ray needs to throw the ball harder on given outs across the field on those 5-7 yard plays to convert for YAC. Next game in B.C. will be a different outcome, but the Eskies will need Calgary to win there next week under the dome to get a few [QUALITY] added notes on the game as far game film prep goes.

I think you can fault Messam, provoked or not you don't do that. He could have easily cost EE the game on that play, the game was close, and he is a very key part of your offense. I think he deserves more then just the ejection, a fine at least. Esks need him to play and not take dumb penalties at key times in a game, sure push the guy, but you don't throw a full punch at the guy in clear view of the refs.

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My comment has Eskimosrock with the Quote in the original post by roughride, thus whatever. Messam by all means deserved to get tossed as far as a fine; I would think in house fine. Mostly my Quote on can't fault Messam was from the article in the link above. I stand by Coach Kavis Reed on this as well; more than one Lion, in fact a pack of em including "DANTE MARSH" who plays a role....move forward and just learn from it as the Eskimos indeed need Messam on the field.

I'm glad Messem did it. it was a late hit anyway. Full credit for showing some emotion, even if it was not all good can't say much for the others they need to step up and show some fire from here on in.

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Coach Reed stood by Messam also and good for him; more will be addressed on Tuesday.

One would think a TD would be momentum enough, considering if we didnt make the 2 Point Convert, we would have been down by 11 points and a TD and Field Goal wouldnt have cut it if it were to come down to that. If we would have taken out PAT, Messam would have still been in the game. Poor decision making, hands down.

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As it turned out on the fines; one for Messam and a pack of Lions got fined. The 2pt. convert payed off.. :rockin: