Awful last throw .

On the last play , why did Harris throw the ball 20 yards deep in to the endzone and in to Quardruple coverage ? :roll: I'm sure if my Math is correct ( SK fans can leave class now :smiley: ) you will have other receivers with double or even man coverage !!

I don't know what Harris was thinking either... made no sense to throw there with that many pussy cats around our guy.

Refs and penalties cost us the game...

The refs were not great .made some terrible calls and the Argo's took some selfish penalties as well. Plus the Cats are very good.

argos, just not ready. nice penalties though

Lol, I was thinking and knowing the refs and command centre almost cost us the game!!
(and the time keepers in the last minute)

Ti-cats are much more disciplined this year than last, be proud of your team.

Argos need work, and changes up stairs... Creehan specifically need to get his stuff together or get out.

Pretty brutal Reffing in the first quarter. A lot of shocking challenge rulings. Johnson's going to have his hands full tomorrow.

To be fair, Harris had no choice but to go for the endzone. There was no time left on the clock, and any pass underneath would have had the receiver have to face 9 Ticats between them and the goal line. It was a desperation play and pretty much the only option that was left open to them.

He was at the 25, no need to throw 45 yards and why throw in to quadruple coverage to a lone receiver. With 4 Ticats that deep in the end zone. Underneath was a much better option. Throw it to the 5 and may have been a walk in TD . There would be other receivers in the end zone with less coverage in the end zone as well.

hey, the guy played to win.

Thankfully, so did Emanuel Davis.

I can guarantee you that if he had thrown that anywhere but into the endzone, four times as many Argos fans would be complaining today. The only play there was the endzone. I would have preferred that he try more of a Hail Mary pass with more than one Argos receiver in the area but he was looking at a low percentage play regardless.

There were 4 Riders around Eric Rogers in Regina. It's called a hail mary for a reason.

Yeah, as soon as he threw it, you could tell it was going to be interepted...

If he had thrown it to the 5 and the receiver got tackled on the one, fans would be complaining about that.

Give him his due, he played a close game against a much better team, and nearly sent it into overtime. All with the shadow of the return of Ricky Ray hanging over his head. If Ray returns to the starting job, Harris will be a starter next year somewhere else, while gramps plays out his golden years in Hogtown.

You know, we're watching the start of something special. i firmly believe that the Collaros/Harris rivalry will be as big as the Ray/Burris rivalry was a decade ago...

Remember all the second guessing Tennessee got when they threw to the 5 instead of into the end zone on the final play of Super Bore 34?

The point is , throwing in to 4 man coverage was the worse option . For every play that is stopped at the goaline I can show you one where the receiver ran it in after the catch . Plus there were receivers a yard deep in the endzone , no need to heave an extra 20 yards .

This is one where I side with the QB. You weren't in the pocket trying to make a split second decision kasps so it is hard to criticize. Throwing into coverage was the only option unless the D fell asleep and didn't throw everyone but the line back into pass coverage. Tennessee's reasoning was just what you suggested, throw it short because everyone is looking end zone and look how that worked out for them.

Also out of the equivalent number of times that a team has thrown short and run it in how many were on the last play of a half?

You can't take one play , as I said . I'll show 10 that worked and that one play was a spectacular defensive play. That would be made 2 or 3 times out of 10. Also a 10 yard enndzone is a different animal. It's the QB job to make the split second decision , not mine. End of the day it's not a big deal. The Cats as I said from the start of the season are coasting to the GC game.

But how many of those 10 that you say worked came on the last play of a half. Knowing that there is only one play to get to the end zone makes the D play far differently than any other time. I think your "stats" are a little skewed.

By the way, are you aware that 82% of all stats are made up on the spot 100% of the time. :wink: