Awful job , replay officials!

.....exactly....he's in charge of the guy in the command centre....snoozing along with the rest of the incompetents...How can you possibly say that there was not enough proof or visual to see that, that was a fumble...This gang makes the CFL look third-rate AND bushleague...The sooner these guys and their positions are reviewed the better...

Wow, the only name more likely to make a Ticat fan cringe than those 2 is O'Shea. :lol:

Agreed. Riders got a gift call there. Not sure how the booth didn’t get it right. The rest of the country did.

Well, the way I think they called it was that it was indeed a fumble, but that the Rider player fell back on the ball after the fumble, therefor was down on contact, end of play, Rider ball. How else could you explain that call?

The way they called it was that the ball was not "loose" but being held against his leg and did not come free until after his knee hit the ground. Like it or not, this was the call. I thought it was an easy call for a fumble until I looked at the replay and heard the explanation.

If a player is laying on the ball (if a live ball) , would he not have possession??? Maybe he was on laying on the ball, the replay officials figures he has possession and is down, THEN another players yanks the ball out from underneath him and it is loose again. At what point does the player have possession when there is a pileup????

As a Rider fan, I still think it was Calgary's ball.

There were other bad calls such as the Calgary player pulling on Dressler's jersey on the pass attempt with 5 min left in the 3rd. The pass interference that should have happened when Calgary was desperate at the end of the game....

The way I saw it.. it was a fumble.. altho I have seen more then one play this year getting turned over, or not that I think should have gone the other way,,, They have criteria to look at and they must judge the play by that criteria.

Except that a Calgary player had the ball after it clearly came loose.

Absolutely BRUTAL and SHAMEFUL call. But not really surprising.

They explained it as inconclusive that the ball was fumbled. In my books
it wasnt a great day for the officials. On or off the field.

Oh well, not the end of the world. Hopefully Tom gets it figured
out before the playoffs.

That's what bothers me. It's going to happen, and sooner rather than later, that a Grey Cup or playoff game will be decided by these idiots in the replay booth. Fire Higgins and his clowns and let the players decide the games and the on field officials call the play. I never thought I would say this but the video review officials this year have made the on field crews look impeccable.

Simply lying on a loose ball is not considered possession. You have to control it. The replay clearly shows the ball falling out of his arm before the knee touches. I admit it is close, but frame by frame shows it clearly. That is loss of control and therefore loss of possession. But having a loose ball under your hip or thigh is not possession.

I dont know if they were saying it wasnt a fumble as opposed to the Calgary player not picking the ball up right away. The play was blown dead, and I can see that being the ruling on this play and why it was not overturned.

If that had been a pass it would have been ruled incomplete. So there is one rule for pass completion and one rule for fumbles. And they wonder why the officials get no respect. :roll:

guess there really wasnt enough evidence to overturn the call, call on the field was he was down by contact.. for them to overturn it, there would have to be significant without a doubt evidence that he indeed did fumble b4 the play was blown dead.. not so sure there was as the replays really... well, while watching i thought.. this could go either way due to lack of obvious evidence that he did indeed fumble b4 the play was dead.