Awful job , replay officials!

That makes the league look bush. Obvious fumble,Calgary has a right to be pissed. That was a gift wrapped TD !

No big surprise. The Stamps have to beat the Riders and the refs more often than not.

That,s embarassing , no excuse fot that mistake. That warrants a dismissal !

This is nothing new, it happens far too often to even believe it can be fixed. They need to fire Higgins and bring in someone that's actually officiated at least one football game in his life and scrap video review until they can come up with; a) people competent enough to do the job correctly and within the guidelines set out by the league, and b) create a system that improves the game, the current one has reviews so often and take so long they kill the flow of the game.

I would rather see a game turn on an on field officials human error than the incompetence of a video review judge.


Video replay is great, just need someone who knows what a fumble is and not wearing green glassess :lol:

I don't know why they bother with the replay. The replay officials don't get it right any more often than the on field officials. It's absolutely amazing how incompetent they are given all the camera angles and slomo.

They have been inconsistant all year !

...Incompetence to the highest degree.....Get rid of Higgins...He is either sleeping in command centre or he doesn't really know what constitutes a fumble....orrrr for that matter a major roughing call on the qb.....(see hit on Brink in an Als. Bomber game earlier in the year)...This guy took forever to make a call on that illegal hit and this call today just reiterates why he has to go...IF i were any play-off bound team, I would be very concerned with this guy as head of officiating...Get lost Tom, you're useless :thdn: (and I'm far from a stamp fan)

FYI people, Higgins isn't in the command centre and doesn't make the review decisions.

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I found this article on the command centre officials ; they are Jake Ireland and Alan McColman.
So thus Blue Blood is correct.

you people are full of it. They get replay right most of the time.

cornish should have gotten a flag there

Yes, but not reviewable and the ref didn't have replay to see if it was unpurpose or not. No compairison to the blown , video replay botched call.

The ref was RIGHT there and got pointed at. It is worse of reffing than the replay review in my eyes... Looks like a worse form of incompetence to me.

you wouldnt happen to be a rider fan would you?

You don't know what Cornish said ? So maybe it didn't warrant it ? you can't be a 100% sure. On the video replay, that was reviewed MULTIPLE times by more then one person , it was 100% clear it was a fumble.

It does not matter what was said. He should not have spiked the ball and then pointed at the official.

No, but it was a play the ref used his discretion to not throw a flag. There was no question on the review, which is what this thread is about.

I was aware of that. Higgins is the Chief Official and therefore ultimately responsible. Jake Ireland needs to be retired as well because he and his partner in incompetence have proven they can't handle the job they've been given.

Final score in today's game, Calgary 25 Saskatchewan 23 and video review officials 7.

That may well be, they did get them all right in the BC/Edmonton game. That being said, they most definately got this one wrong!