Awesome, Final Week TV: League Average at 810,750

The final numbers are in and they are huge.
Although we do not have the final year figures, I can tell you it has rebounded from last years dip to the similar mega 2010.

Thurs, Nov. 1 - Ham - Tor - 769,000
Frida, Nov. 2 - Cal - Edm - 725,000
Saturd, Nov. 3- Mon - Win - 921,000 (TSN @ 642,000 + RDS 279,000)
Sask - BC - 828,000
Average - 810,750

By comparison: NFL Sunday, Nov 4 Dal- Atl - 577,000
MNF,Nov. 5 Phi- NO - 580,000

                     NBA   Sat, Nov. 3     Tor - Brk - 185,000(friends and family)
                                     Nov. 6     Tor - OkC    91,000(family only)

Great numbers, especially for a week that had many teams simply resting starters. That RDS number seems huge especially considering it was against Winnipeg in a mean nothing game.

Do you have a link for this? Not disputing your numbers, just curious where you got them from.

Can you provide a link? where did you get the figures?
If it's true that's huge numbers for the NFL in Canada. Considering that the NFL doesn't have any Canadian teams involved that is high. I can understand the CFL numbers they would be high just with the audiences for the two Canadian teams involved.

Insider TSN blogs.

According to Arash Madani of sportsnet (one of the only guys at Sportsnet that actually knows the CFL), the TV ratings for the East Semi-Final were 1.2million. West Semi-Final drew 1.6 million.

Good for the #CFL. Playoff telecasts drew 1.2 and 1.6 million viewers for East and West semi's respectively. Staggering figures.
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810,000 is probably better than anything sportsnet has aired all year.