Awesome Crowd

Just want to give some kudos to the fellow leather-lungs yesterday. We were low in Section 21, and man, it was loud down there!!

Was impressed that, even when the game seemed pretty well in hand, everyone was still bringin' it for the defence. That's as loud as I've heard the place in a while -- especially after that scuffle. Thought the section beside us were all going to blow a few arteries. They had the chant going in full effect.

Ohhh, and again, I thought that whole end of the stadium was going to lose it when our guy took a knee in the endzone and got bumped. Shoulda been a 15 yarder.

Anyway, I was very impressed with the energy yesterday. That's what Ivor Wynne is all about.

And, of note, I didn't really see any problems in the crowd either. Could be due to the lack of Argo fans who made the trip -- but still, seemed very well behaved.

30, 293! :thup:

Yep I was in in the second row in section 24 and it got LOUD, im kind of confused at attendance I thought capacity was 29,600 but attendance was 30,200something. No scuffles in my area either just a couple drunk people getting ejected.

Yes capacity is 29 600 but with standing room tickets and the west end zone, we hit the over 30 mark. Great crowd. I`d like to see us sell out a couple more :thup:

^^ Yup, there was even more seating than usual at field level in the east end too.

Could be due to the lack of Argo fans who made the trip -- but still, seemed very well behaved.

Let's see what kind of crowd Toronto brings next week. Does anyone "in Toronto" care, considering their record, or are they saving their money for the Bills game?

Actually there were thousands of Argos fans. Box G was very very very blue. Section 5 had lots too.

I'm not saying they weren't there...but usually, there's a whole pocket of them in the Endzone. And, they make a lot more noise.

Just seemed like a smattering of them this year. Likely due to their record, but also how fast the tickets went this year.

I really though Crowd was not that great ...
I heard Crowds of 20,000 that where louder.
There was not the Magic of a Normal Labour day Match..

Has there ever been a more predictable post made on these boards?