Awesome 1st Week TV Average @ 880,000

The TV numbers are in for the first week and an awesome near 1 million per game at a slightly less 880,000.
Here is the run down.

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11 and #14 are the same game on the same channel with different ratings???

must be a typo.

Wow those ratings are huge for the CFL. Hopefully it continues.
It looks like the CFL is going to have a very good year tv wise.

While the numbers are great, let's not get too smug. We were still skunked by soccer, a sport many us (myself included) tend to trivialize. Yes, it's World Cup - the crown jewel in CBC's summer lineup, played every 4 years etc. vs. just the start of another CFL season, but still.

What was particularly impressive though was the Sunday ratings for B.C. - Edmonton, only 13% lower than the much-hyped Grey Cup rematch on Friday Night Football.


I think it's also the fact CBC is network and tsn iz cable. I think the low jays rating is brutal... Especially since it was the Yankees. They are normally a large draw

thanks great news for the league. I feel the momentum building. lets hope those numbers stay high throughout the season.

I admit, I turn on the tv, and turn it to soccer (in winter the NFL) for that much needed nap. I apologize for inflating the numbers.

It's not at all surprising that the World Cut dominated the ratings, given that it's the best players in the world and only seen once every four years. If you want to see how club soccer does in Canada on TV you only need to keep an eye out for Toronto FC's ratings.

The CFL has nothing to worry about.

Quoted for truth. You can't judge yourself against World Cup ratings. People who will not watch another soccer game for the next four years watch World Cup constantly.

Exatly, how many people watched Ice dancing or moguls at the olympics.
That doesn't mean those sports are going to be the next big spectator sports.

Even compRe olympic hocky or world juniors to NHL and whl. You can't compare world event ratings to what we watch every year

I wonder if maybe they meant Sunday? The Jays and Yanks played from Fri-Sun.

Anyway, definitely some impressive numbers. Little worried about the Tor/Cal game, but other than that, good job! :thup:

Lets also not forget the gambling! Even I watched some soccer, although it was just to keep an eye on who I had in the pool… I am sure gambling has a lot to do with the ratings as well…

The Tor-Cal game didn't start until 10PM in the Toronto market, was pre-empted on the main channel by the great SSK-MTL game, didn't end until after 1AM, and was on a Thursday night with at least a decent number of people working the next day. Not surprising if you ask me - and still a fantastic # even when compared to last season.

Well it's great to see those ratings because nobody watched in the states.
Well the 58 000 who did were treated to a great game.
I bet the fact the deal was announced very lated had a lot to do with low ratings.
Hopefully they improve.

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Well I find as usual I can't wait for the CFL games to be on TV and going to a game here in Hamilton.

Boy it sure would be nice to see a full IW stadium, it's great for the TV esthetics.

I read the article too. The CFL game only outdrew the Arena Football game by 5,000 viewers. With the late announcement, many had inaccurate program guides that did not even mention the game.

Why not. If ice dancing has good to great ratings for 64-96 games in bad timeslots, despite 90-100% of the games not having a 'home team/stars' to root for and has decent numbers for the reruns every night, there's an ice dancing team drawing sellout or near sellout crowds every week 18 times a year with more about to join, each ice dancing team is worth $35 million or more, investors lining up to bring ice dancing teams to their cities (some even simply using ice dancing to get them what they want .. like a stadium), hundreds of games televised from many ice dancing leagues around the world, foreign ice dancing teams come to visit and get big crowds despite the tickets costing an arm and a leg, have a channel that shows ice dancing 18+ hours a day etc. etc. etc. I too would see ice dancing having a great future.

ice dancing is still fruity.