Away Jerseys at Home?

I've noticed that in the NFL and especially with the Saints that they have been wearing there Away "White" jersey at home. As well as a few other teams, Patriots, Jets ect, is this the beginning of a new trend to start wearing your "White" jersey at home instead of your "Colour" jersey? Any thoughts And do you think the CFL should start this trend?

I like the idea; And if I'm not mistaken the home team does have the choice on which color jersey they will wear.

I like it too it shakes things up, gives the fans a little something else to look at, just saw the Eagles do it today vs Redskins at Home,

Backer is correct. Also note that early in the season, teams in hotter weather like the Bucs down here will choose the lighter colours because in wearing dark colours outdoors in this hot sunny weather you will burn up faster.

Also there are superstitions that float around in this regard as well, as in the Eagles wearing whites against the Cowboys at home because Dallas for some odd reason no one can explain has historical bad luck in their blue jerseys as opposed to in their preferred and home whites.

There are other examples as well, and note also that some teams any more for sake also of merchandising have three jerseys that include two different dark-coloured ones. These three total for most teams do not include also any throwbacks worn from time to time.