Away Jersey Helmets

This isn’t a deep topic to discuss, but what are your views of all the away helmets that are in the CFL now.

First of all, I like the look of the Esks, Riders, Redblacks away helmets and jersey’s. I am not a fan of the Stamps black away helmets though.
However, I always recognized a team by their helmets. Jersey’s home or away or third jersey’s could change, but there was something about seeing a red Helmet, and knowing that’s the stamps.
Ottawa, should be Black with the white R. Hamilton Black with the Gold(Yellow) Tiger. Montreal Silver, Toronto Blue, Winnipeg Gold, Riders Green, Stamps Red, Edmonton Yellow, and BC White.

I just think it is over done. Save them for a third jersey or special occasions.


Love all the away helmets hope Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, BC and Winnipeg eventually come out with one. Always wondered if they would try it, and have to say like it a lot.

HATE the road helmets. ALL of them. I’ve said this many many times here and elsewhere. They’re just wrong for all the same reasons mentioned in the first post. Do not like them at all. Tacky to have 2 helmets. No other league that I know has teams with separate home and road helmets. Bad marketing and tacky.

It looks sooo bush league.

I'm a firm believer that a helmet has no business being white. I'm a firm believer that Black is nothing more then a fringe color for Calgary and has no place on their helmet. I'm also a firm believer that the Ti-Cats should bring back the yellow stripe on the top of the helmet.

I wish all the above posters would stop mincing words and state how they REALLY feel about away helmets! :smiley:

time to ban the helmets

So because no other leagues do it, that makes the CFL look bush league ?
Wow.......... just wow.

Yah, didn't understand that comment at all.
If anything, having home and away helmets should make a team look prosperous/professional because it can afford two sets of helmets.

Absolutely hate them!!! You'll may never see a RED Stamps helmet line up against an Eskimos GREEN. For a league that prides it's self on Tradition that's a shame.

That's the one thing that get's me about the "road" helmets... but uniforms evolve and traditions grow and change. if not for that, Hamilton would still wear a yellow helmet, and Saskatchewan would only win the grey cup twice a century.

That being said, CGY's road helmets are almost as bad as Ottawa's, and when the two teams play each other well, it must urk ottawa fans that Calgary has more red and black in their road uni's than whatever their team is called.

Edmonton's second helmet is allright.

I tend not to notice helmets much when MY team wins, other than how nicely marked-up they get on the O and D linemen.

And - that "bush league" comment is the most irrational one posted on here in some time. (I can only assume if the CFL does it different = "bush").

Maybe they should all wear hockey helmets à la the LFL :lol:

But as a comic in all seriousness I like the green Esks helm and I wish they would use if full time and ditch the old yellow/gold one for good. I don't mind Calgary's black helm, and I will always, always HATE all white helms.

The NFL has recently banned more than one helmet per team as a concussion issue. Hmmmm. They should know.

Calgary's road blacks are atrocious; as are Ottawa's and Saskatchewan's whites.

Speaking of which, who put the decals on Ottawa's lids, Stevie Wonder? Some of them are crooked as hell and some are almost on top of the helmet! Check 'em out tonight. The equipment manager better lay off the sauce when playing with stickers!

BTW, do the RB's come out with old-school Rs on their hats tonight?

Red, gold, and green helmets. I actually don't mind the Riders' white helmets, but Calgary and Edmonton need to ditch their away versions and go with these looks.

Aside from throwbacks..a team should only have one helmet. Anytime you have multiple helmets, people start to forget what teams are on the field.. look at University of Oregon, they're constantly coming out with a new helmet every season.

The worst are the Stamps black helmets. They just don't fit the the rest of the uniform at all. I'm not a huge fan of the Riders white away helmets either, but they at least go with the uniform.

I should note - I don't like Calgary's uniforms at all. I liked the alternate one's they wore a few years ago as part of retro week, and thought they had a chance to fix them for good when they re-designed everyone's a few years ago, but they dropped the ball.

I really like these, or a slight variation of these

Yes, these are precisely what Calgary should wear at all times. Outstanding look!

I second that...