Well…Jones got Coach of the Year…and well earned. a few seasons back we all talked about how bad his game management skills were at times. He talked about it as well. Clearly he has done some self assessment and has really improved there. Not a pile of instances that it came into question this year. Some of the QB rotations at times…sure, but that is moreso a Mac thing

Great speech…and this is how Jones normally is in every conversation…for those that think he is noting but ego…this is the norm…not a show.

and for a bunch of nonames and nobody to cheer for and all that jazz…

[tr][td]Saskatchewan Roughriders[/td]
[tr][td]Hamilton Tiger-Cats[/td]
[tr][td]Calgary Stampeders[/td]
[tr][td]Winnipeg Blue Bombers[/td]
[tr][td]Ottawa REDBLACKS[/td]
[tr][td]Edmonton Eskimos[/td]
[tr][td]Toronto Argonauts[/td]
[tr][td]B.C. Lions[/td]

Yeah he’s deserved it, question, why wasn’t this awards on tsn or cbc, or did I miss it ? Did it not used to be on t.v. A few years ago?

I don’t know what the broadcast TV option was, but we have a full archived live stream of the event available here:

Ok, i’ll Try that, i’m Not up on this new stuff, I think i’m The only one left with a flip phone.

Depop, thanks for posting.

To watch the recorded version - the one Sully references - keep in mind you have to fast forward to about the 18 minute mark.


It was a TSN fail. It was broadcast via…not on traditional TV

Oh, that’s why I couldn’t make it work, thanks

Agree on your Jones commentary above Depop…it was/is well deserved, and I’m happy for the guy.
On a side note, can Natasha Staniszewski get anymore gorgeous?! Good grief!

5, 10 and 12 wins. This team has improved year over year. Here’s hoping we can overtake Calgary next year.

Sustainable success…you can see a good system in place. There are some Rider fans who are just going to hate that.

I see Calgary struggling if Bo finds a home in the NFL.

If The Evil Empire keeps Reilley, they will be looking to improve & tough to beat.

W will be looking to improve & tough to beat as well.

Depending on who BC gets for a head coach & QB - they will be in rebuild mode.

Riders may loose some coaches / assistants to BC & there are many free agents available.

This off season will be interesting.

I think Reilly is BC bound.

Bombers have some big name FA. Unlikely that OL stays close to what it is now. That is a big deal as it took them a lot to get there. Bighill already fired a warning shot…pay me or I go to BC.

Stamps are in real threat of losing a few big names…Bo, Johnson, Singleton…all potential NFL kooks

BC did a great job purging last year. Hervey did very well