Award Nominees

Outstanding Player - Tay Cody
Outstanding Canadian - Rob Hitchcock
Defensive Player - Tay Cody
Outstanding Lineman - George Hudson
Rookie Of The Year - Lawrence Gordon
Special Teams Player - Rob Hitchcock

Cant say I agree with the selections, I would have liked to see Mariuz nominated for Special Teams player...

It wont matter because we wont see any of them winning an award lol.

if this squad were honest no nominations no one deserves recognition.

I disappointed as I was in the season, I do think tay cody deserves his nominations...even more so because he maintained his competitive fire when others around him were losing theirs...

I agree with both Cody nominations and the one for Gordon, but Hitchcock and Hudson were both invisible this year.

Rob Hitchcock and Carl Kidd were vying for the lead
for most Special teams tackles this season in the B.C. game.

That is a big contribution that is visible in the statistics.

Hitchcock and Hudson were both invisible this year.
Olineman are supposed to be invisible. If you noticed him, than often its for something bad like a missed block or a penalty

How can you say Hitchcock was invissable,I believe he is 1st or 2nd on special team tackles in the league.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

As for Hitch being invisible, stats say otherwise.

sry boreham i int mean to include hitch haha just needed the whole. I hope he sticks around through the enxt year. Great leader and special teamer.

agree'd, gotta disgree with lawrence gordon? i can only remember one good game he had.. against edmonton..

Will any of the Cats nominees make the cut to represent the East versus the Western nominees? I'm guessing not. I'd say Hitch or Cody (for defensive player) has the best shot, but those are both a stretch.