Award Finalists

We now know how Suitor will mark his ballot. ;D

Fajardo winning this award over Banks would be an absolute tragedy.

I read on twitter that his passing total of 4300 yards is the least by the league leader since like 1986.

I honestly cant see it.

I don’t really follow chatter beyond this site. But for those who do - is this when the SSK internet army starts a campaign to slam Banks in hopes of propping up their guy?

They don’t slam Banks - they just act like its a done deal. Voting for anyone else would be absurd.
Its over, Fajardo has won.

They do slam the east though, Banks only has these numbers cause the east is so bad (makes no sense we play the same schedule). Fajardo played more meaningful games, etc.

When questioned about his stats or pointing out that all of the other QBs got hurt, normally its “but he plays with heart and led the Riders to 1st place”

So you mean similar to what we Ticat fans are doing about Banks for MOP and Steinhauer for COTY?

Yeah but Ti-Cat fans actually know what they are talking about.

I was waiting for my buddy to come out of the bathroom after a Cats vs. Riders game. It was 2015 and the Riders sucked. There was a group of about 5-6 Rider fans standing there on the concourse so I asked them if they missed Ken Miller as a coach. They all said, “Who”? ;D

I think a lot of these Rider fans are just band-wagoners with little actual football knowledge.

I added some more context.

Personally I think the difference is that we don’t really go crazy on arguments in years where they aren’t deserved. Heck this site debated if Masoli was MOP calibre last year. You wont find that with Rider fans.

So Rider fans are doing basically the same thing you did, proclaim their guy to be the winner? Weird

That said, both are worthy of the MOP prize. Banks has a lower than usual number for Rec yards than previous top receivers just like Fajardo has a lower number of yards passing than previous top passers. It’s the intangibles, like the fact that Fajardo has a 105.2 eff rating which is spectacular. Also he had 10 rushing TDS, which only 2 were short yardage. His W-L record is tops in the very tough West division and he has over 600 yards rushing. Imo it’ll be a toss up.

Fajardo is nominated for being the QB who played the most games really. Had Mitchell, or Harris, or Masoli, or Evans, or Reilly played all season, he wouldn’t even be in the conversation.
Banks is the leading receiver, had TDs running and returning kicks. True, if one of the better QBs had played all year, it might have been a different winner. But this is his award, and it shouldn’t even be close.

I would be SHOCKED if Speedy did not win it. IF that happens, queue the conspiracy theories. :wink:

Banks has been a one man highlight reel all season long. It should be a no brainer for him to win MOP.
On the other hand if he dosent win, I can’t imagine how motivated he would be in the playoffs to prove that he should have won. I would hate to be the guy trying to cover him, catch him, or tackle him!
He totally deserves the MOP, shouldn’t even be close.

Banks has numbers worthy of an MOP in other seasons. Tops in receiving yards, catches and TDs while adding TDs in other ways. Banks’ competition at receiver remained relatively healthy and put up solid numbers as well. While there was no 1700 yd receiver as in some previous years he makes up for it by leading in all 3 categories. Of the last 3 receivers to win the MOP, 2 won the triple crown. (Owens did not but won it for his all purpose yards).

The elephant in the room is that every QB went down. Fajardo is not nominated if Bo or Harris play full seasons. Not a chance.

Is Banks nominated if Masoli or Evans play a full season? possibly, but maybe not. But his numbers and accomplishments hold up against a QB’s full season.

Fajardo’s numbers on a per game basis are middle to back of the pack. His rushing TDs/Yards are a criteria rarely used in previous years to justify QBs that dont have passing numbers. His passing total is one of the least we have seen in 40 years.

Bank’s “low” receiving total is still relevant in the past decade where other yardage leaders have won in the 1500-1600 range.

As for intangebles, they’re nice. They’re great for water cooler talk. But this is the Most Outstanding Player of the league - by definition its arguably the Best Player for that year.

Fajardo is not in that conversation.

Go ask 100 non-Ticat or Rider fans which player they would rather have on their team this year.

You want to say he’s the “best QB in the west in a year where most were injured” - fine. “Best player in the league - Most Outstanding” (NOT MOST VALUABLE). Not a chance.

Lastly - are you bringing up the “tough west” argument? Cause Banks’ (and the Ticats) played a tougher schedule than Fajardo (and the Riders) did. That’s a fact. There’s no tougher west when you play the same schedule aside from 2 games - and the Ticats had 14 wins BEFORE the meaningless last game of the year. The Riders benefitted from a 3rd game against BC (without Reilly) down the stretch to help secure the West. The Cats played a 3rd game against Montreal.

So let’s agree the schedules are equal, theres no easier or tougher division for the purpose of the regular season schedule.

If Fajardo played in Winnipeg, his name would be Matt Nichols . Not exactly MOP material, if you get my drift . ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( the elderly guy)

Banks will win so I won’t be angry.

Somebody who should be angry now is Bryan Burnham.

If Masoli had played the whole season I think Banks’ numbers would be higher.

In the first five games he averaged 101 yards receiving. Starting in the WPG game when Masoli went down, Banks was under 50 yards for three of the next four, and averaged only 62. Beginning on Labour Day when Evans found his groove, Banks averaged 114 yards per game, and at least one TD in each of his last 6.

Speedy also would have had higher numbers if he didn’t propel his team to so many wins, causing him to be rested in the last game. If Fajardo is more than a one-year wonder, perhaps he will be able to build a comfortable cushion for his team next year and allow them to coast in the final few games.

Banks missed 2 games. Pro-rate it across 18 games and you could easily add another 200+ yards to his total.

I think part of the whole MOP issue this year is that there’s way more “ifs” than ever. The numbers on paper are simple and frankly they aren’t even close.

Fajardo’s numbers would have him as one of the weakest MOPs of all time. Banks’ would not. That’s not an insult on him or his game, but the idea that he was the absolute best this league has to offer this season is absurd.

One of the other WR’s should have been nominated.

Rumour confirmed and the other finalists are:

Yayyy Speedy, Simoni, Frankie, CVZ and Orlondo.

Sorry, Khari.