Award Finalists are in

Interesting but I'm not surprised.

Lulay and Calvillo for MOP
Messam and Whyte for Canadian
Freeman and Johnson for Defense
Sherritt and Williams for Rookie
McCallum and Owens for Special Teams
Bourke and Olifoye (spelling?) for Lineman

I'm a bit surprised by Freeman...

Winners should be:
Travis Lulay as most outstanding player.
Jovon Johnson as defensive player.
Jerome Messam as canadian player.
Chad Owens as special teams player.
Chris Williams as rookie.
Jovan Olafioye as offensive lineman.


The only switch I'd make is Josh Bourke as Offensive Lineman

I'm with you backer, Bourke as offensive lineman.

I'd also vote for Sherrit for top rookie.

1000 yards is just a number.

what if he got 995. would messam still have been picked? I think not.

Cornish is be far the better PLAYER

those who voted for messam are complete idiots.

what's stupid is how Whyte got the Eastern Canadian, yet McCallum who had an ever better season gets over looked.

...I dunno, Messam had a pretty good year and congrats to him for the nod....Cornish will just have to be happy with a Grey Cup ring....

I'm rooting for Lulay simply because AC wasn't the best player on his own team and shouldn't be the nominee.

If Cornish had started for the whole season he likely would have gotten the nomination.

Fixed it for you. :wink:

ya Lulay will get it.. Calvillo is #2 for 2011.

sorry bud! :smiley: :smiley:

Good one Blue Blood :rockin:

...that one is too old, a new one is required...

Travis Lulay should win MOP, simply for the reason that Calvillo isn’t even the most outstanding player on his team. I also don’t see how you can’t give special teams award to McCallum. Paul put in a season for the ages, that likely won’t be matched for another generation.

Sets a league record for accuracy, sets a league record for consecutive field goals made, leads the league in points scored, hits a 54 yard walk off field goal all at the tender age of 41. This award shouldn’t even be close. Yet Chad Owens is such a good player in his right, you can’t take away from his accomplishments.

Just on the basis of special teams alone, McCallum should own that one with what is one of the best years by a kicker ever. But I think for some of the voters its hard to split up just Owens the return guy vs Owens the all purpose guy (and he did start to have some success at receiver later in the season).

Defensive backs normally don't win best defensive player award but Johnson deserves it. Odd if Freeman wins because Saskatchewan has one of the worst defenses in league. A weak defense may make more tackles from more time on field.

McCallum is unlucky in that kickers traditionally don't win special team awards against punt returners. Yet field goal kicking is more important because it determines whether points are actually scored or not. Perhaps, best performances in years from record breaking Owens and McCallum.

Calvillo should win because of better statistics especially in more yards, fewer interceptions and completion perentage. Although Calvillo has some bad games, the award is for the entire season.

Olifoye deserves to win award because BC has allowed fewest quarterback sacks. In players poll, defensive linemen pick him as toughest to play against.

Lulay should win MOP for sure - I don't think AC deserved the nomination in the first place - breaking records does not translate into being the MOP for your team. Lulay did it all to guide his team to a 1st place finish in the regular season - Well done Travis. McCallum also deserves the nod for Special Teams and I don't think there is any question he will win that one.
Defensively I think Freeman should win.

Lulay has had a more consistent season than Calvillo, also led his team to a 11-7 record, a huge winning streak and a Western Final.

no way Calvillo wins this year, if they do give it to him then it's fixed because they want to pay tribute to him, which would be a joke and the CFL award will never be taken seriously again.

I agree - sentiment has no place in these awards - those evaluations should be left to Hall of Fame deliberations not seasonal awards.

If my Aunt had cajones she would have been my Uncle.

Do you guys even look at that stats before you leave your comments?

Lulay and Calvillo for MOP

I agree with what some people on here have said, Calvillo was not the MOP on his own team, should have been Richardson. That said however, he has Lulay beat in straight up numbers, and should win this without any of his records having any impact.

Calvillo: 62% pct, 5251 passing yards, 32 TDs and 8 ints. QB rating of 98.2
Lulay: 59% pct, 4815 passing yards, 32 TDS and 11 ints. QB rating of 95.8

I don't see a single statistic that gives the nod to Lulay, unless you include the rushing yards. Calvillo still has the better overall numbers.

Freeman also has a good shot at beating out Johnson. If you take a look at the complete numbers he's had an outstanding season, just because he's flown under the radar does not make him undeserving.

Freeman: 103 tackles, 5 sacks, 3 interceptions, and 1 fumble recovery
Johnson: 55 tackles, and 8 interceptions

James Patrick had similar numbers to Johnson's last year and did not win the award