Awaiting for the CFL season to Start

:lol: I don't know about all of you, but I'm excited about the ticats this season. Jessie Lumdsen coming back, new signees, new coaches, Casey Printers and Richie Williams, along with the rest of this team. I have a good feeling about the season and I'm going to stick with these ticats come rain or sleet or snow. I believe that if a team has a coaching staff that is good at what they do, the team has something to build on along with the leaders of the team, who are not yet identified yet. Maybe you guys can feel me in on who you think the leaders are on this team and why. Just trying to get some positive dialouge going about the team. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! TICATS. Also, I'm pulling for the Superbowl team NEW ENGLAND Patriots. Who are you guys pulling for.

Leaders will be Printers, and maybe Lumsden on offence.

Pritners is the QB and obviosu leader. Lumsden will be a quiest leader who will set the example.

The defensive leader will be Zeke Moreno at MLB. He's a firey type.

Giants all the way baby! Pulling for the underdog.

I'm nervous which beats my feelings last offseason

Looking forward to the opening of training camp, my buddy and I like to attend and try to figure out who will make the final cut.

Guess I see you there.

I think we have a winner in this team, but
as I have said in other threads it will
take time for this team to 'GEL'.
Don't be worried if we lost the first 3 games
before we pull off our first win.
The staff and players will struggle at first but
the second half of the season will be much better.

It will take some time, but I think this team will get where it wants to be eventually.

Let the trades and recruitments continue!

i feel strangely optimistic about this '08 ticat squad, and i think i will be attending more ticat games than argo games this year.

casey printers is a winner and that is alot more than i can say about michael bishop.