gotta keep starting him his blocking is awesome he's a gamer


Cobourn and Walker would be dynamite, just take out one import WR and replace with Campeau and use the two backs.

Sort of thunder and lightning

Would help when the weather gets worse

cobourne and walker would be terrible because we run a 1 back set.

when cobourne is on the field, you would expect runs between the tackles and him into block for passing plays

when walker is on the field, you would expect runs to the outsite. he can’t run between the tackles and can’t block

I rather Avon, yes Walker is near the top in TDs and yards but i rather avons upside, today he shows his blocks were clutch, his hard runs and his catching outta the backfield as well as bit play potential as well.

A running back who runs upright and can’t break a tackle or block is called a RECEIVER :slight_smile: Avon helps balance that offense.


This just in...We stink!