Avon`s Not Calling

Cobourne is out with an ankle injury, to be replaced by Whitaker. What is most surprising is no previous mention of the injury, including a Trestman interview yesterday on RDS website where he says there will be no lineup changes.
Whitaker is a capable backup, but he is not the blocker Cobourne is.

Wow! I've been saying for weeks now that the Als need to have a balnaced offence. Opposing D's are keying in to the fact that AC is a pocket passer, and quick as his release is, a pass-happy offence is a predictable one. In the CFL,
predicability = death!!! With little AC out, that likely means there won't be much of a running game, unless, of course, the Als are "playing possum" and have a couple of things up their sleeve with Whittaker.

Nonetheless Whittaker has shown us down through the years that he has a few moves. I hope that they can run a few draws and use the short passing game with him to keep the Bombers D guessing. I also hope he can help out in the blocking department for AC.

So far this season, there does not appear to be a "sure thing" in any game, which, I suppose, will makes each game more meaningful as the outcome is far from a foregone conclusion.