Avon not happy with Teamates attitude

[url=http://www.ottawacitizen.com/sports/football/cfl/Cobourne+happy+with+Ticats+walkthrough+prior+facing/7376692/story.html]http://www.ottawacitizen.com/sports/foo ... story.html[/url]

huh. well if they come out flat we’ll know why.

you’d think with a record like ours, they’d come out with their game faces on. :roll:

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why would they, it's about the practice.... :slight_smile:

good on avon for calling out his teamates and he was dead right he was the only one who came ready to play tonite and a personal thanks for him being a true team player he sat on the sidelines along time and when called on hes answered the bell

what he said!

Avon is a serious competitor that came from a winning culture. He sees what goes on inside the locker room and for him to call out his teammates is a telling sign. That's why on paper we have players that look seriously talented but if they're just goofing off at practice then that apathy will transfer over at game time. Which is exactly what happened against BC. If the players don't care then the fans will stop caring shortly after.

I gotta agree with Avon on this one. Anytime I see defences with hands on their hips, I know it' a sign they don't want to be there.

Can also be a sign of frustration. Yes they are paid but if they don't believe in their coach... No way Creehan will be there next year.

Good on Avon. I sure wasn't happy with their attitude yesterday either.

Avon and just a few others seemed to be ready and willing to play.

Avon seems to be a tremendous guy and the way that he has performed, particularly after being thrown aside at the start of the season, speaks to his character and leadership ability.
It seems to me that the fans have been right all season (more Cobourne, more Stala) and the Coaching Staff have been slow to recognize what appears obvious to the rest of us.

" I gotta agree with Avon on this one. Anytime I see defences with hands on their hips, I know it' a sign they don't want to be there."

The only reason the defense had their hands on their hips is BC, Lulay and company ran them around in circles for 90 % of the game. The Offense (Burris) did little if anything to keep the defense off the field. Any defense that's on the field considerably longer than the Offense spells defeat. An ugly game to watch in person or TV........I left with 7 minutes left in the 4th.

While to an extent I can respect his passion, does he honestly think running his mouth about his teammates to the media is the way to go? I know that will definitely improve the situation. If he wants to be a leader, he should take it up with his teammates and not whine to the media about it. We ran into this same problem when he first got here and he had issues getting along with AB3 and Mo Mann.

The Defense was run into the ground by being on the field too much that game. They are also a patchwork D at best we have been brutalized by injuries this year and once I heard that JJ and MK were both out on Friday, I knew we were in big trouble.

in following his twitter account hes not happy with his fans either and some of his comments are right off side. If he wants to be apart of the twitter world hes takin a chance at some people callin him out and he aint handling it very well in fact very unproffessional. Hey avon u suck at football he replys u suck at life go kill urself clown hes treadin thin ice maybe stay focused on the season and not twitter

A true fan wouldn't have made that comment to Avon because they can recognize his talents. Avon is just spewing off at some trolls who have nothing better to do than antagonize people.

Agreed but do we need to read in the sports headlines kid kills himself cuz avon told him too

Making that comment was a win-win for Cobourne. If the team responds, he gets credit for motivating them. If the team doesn't respond, he gets to say that he was right about them not being ready for the game. :roll:

It is time to send a message. Release a "key" player.

I've always respected players I've played with who play hard, the ones that are way better than me, and are classy and keep their mouth shut. Mind you, I never played at a high enough level where players could use the media for their own or whatever purposes. That I know nothing about.

Avon is a super player but no need to use media at all IMHO, just "do it" and show the way. I actually hate any player that ever uses the media in any respect at all other than they have to say something for the microphones if they are shoved their way like "we could have won but the other team played better" That's all I need to hear from any player to be honest. Do your talking in the locker room and behind closed doors, the rest is bs I say.