Avon Colbourne and the Offensive Line

Reviewing the tape from last weeks game, one has to be amazed by Yvon Colbourne. He runs, blocks and catches passes with great power. Pencil him down immediately as All- Canadian. Our offensive line was two years ago considered too old. Luc Brodeur-Jourdan has been a most pleasent suprise- pretty amazing for a 6th round draft pick. He is staking a good claim to getting the position on a full time basis. Sitting in the wings is Andrew Woodruff a non import and of course Bourke is returning. Scott Flory is playing at a sound level. Watching Colbourne romp in the last game one has to notice Colbourne obtained the needed blocks from the offensive line then did his work getting through the opponents linebackers and defense backs for great yardage. Treastman and Jim Popp have to be given credit for the super position we are now in with regads to the offense line. Taking B-J in the sixth round of the Canadian draft was brilliant!

Hassall, I don't want to offend you, but "Yvon Colbourne"? "Treastman"? :smiley:

I too love the O-line depth we have coming up. All hail Mr. Popp, as usual. :thup: