Avon Cobourne

I read many posts about this player, and that player.....who should go and who should stay. One name that I never see is Decues. The guy was a gamer. Played hard and tough, never giving up. He made other players accountable. I really think his presence would be helpful for this team.....a veteran that brings it night after night. Also, his style of running would suite this O-line.....He runs right through the holes. No zigzag running with Deuces.....all power. His blocking is outstanding. I just think he would be a perfect fit for the Cars.

Hopefully, we see him return to the CFL at some point.

you must be blind, as his name is mentioned in every conversation about the tabbies lack of a ground game.

The Big stumbling block with Avon is his Salary which last year when they brought him out of retirement to replace the injured
Martell Mallet, Avon was reportedly earning $180,000.00 for the season, that's probably the the same amount for our current three backs in Lamar, Gable and Walker combined?

If Avon wanted to return and I'm doubtful since he was released again by the Cats, he would probably want even more to play which would take him out of range in the CFL.

The "AVON" Ship has long since sailed,time to move on,ya can talk about til the cows come home,he ain't coming back
Period,end of story!!!!

Gerald Riggs Jr. > Avon Cobourne and Cory Boyd

While were at it let's call mosca montford hitchcock flutie etc etc n see if the wanna come too. GIVE up on the ones who aren't hear and let's focus on what we got and new ones to get

Who said give up? I just said he would be an asset to this team or any other CFL team?

Didn't even realize the Argos released him. I have to agree with this, much much cheaper option, and a solid back.

But still I'm not giving up on Gable yet.

well norm were not callin him and noone else and last i checked knowltons still unsigned sooo does that mean the whole cfl has giving up cuz we havent rushed out and signed a 30 yr old running back in colbourne

Those guys would probably make more of an impact than the current players even if some of them are geriatrics. 8)

Good call on that one. Hopefully this game wasn't just a flash in the pan.