Avon Cobourne

Congratulations to Avon for his 102 yard game today
He gave credit to the "O" Line today who were excellent!
19 carries for 102 yrds. and 2 TD's :thup:

This guy is the real deal.

After 9 games this year

125 carries for 621 yrds., avrg. 5yrds./carry and 6 TD's

He is a seasoned veteran and is a leader on this team.

Having an RB like Cobourne really takes pressure off Glenn to perform in the passing game :rockin:

I like the fact that many of his runs are for 9 or 10 yards which is as good as a pass. Makes the offense more multi-dimensional and keeps the opposing defense guessing.

It's been mentioned often on the TSN panel that his veteran leadership has a significant impact on the young tabbies.

Love watching him play, and love listening to what he has to say.

Even after yesterday's big win he was not happy with the turnovers and says the offence can, and should, be better. :thup: Attitude of a champion.


Real hard nosed rb that I think brings out the best in the o-line.

My gut feeling is that Avon brings a lot more to whichever team he plays for than is obvious. It may not be a coincidence that Hamilton is moving up in the standings while Montreal is moving in the opposite direction. Montreal seems to have lost a lot of discipline that they have always had in the past. Not saying that Avon is the only reason for this, but I think his commitment and dedication at practise brings a certain intensity that rubs off on other players.
His running abilities and what he brings on game day might be secondary to what he brings to the team everyday.
Just saying.

His best quote from yesterday's post-game: "Im'a go to the Ribfest"
(from TicatsTV)

If my calculations are correct after yesterday's game, Whitaker leads the league in rushing with 724 yards, and Cobourne is second with 723. :thup:

Just a thought and believe me I love what Deuces has done but would it not be prudent at some point to play T. Grant a little bit, ( I am not related and don’t have an axe to grind for him) late in games when we are ahead? I don’t think Thiggy needs more touches we need him to much in the return game and I think Grant could take a few touches just to ease him in if we need him later on.

Obviously, the Coaches are doing an amazing job right now I just think it may be helpful later in the season for more depth. By all accounts Deuces does an amazing job mentoring the other backs so this might be a given at some point that I am not privy too of course but I just was thinking about a change of pace and adding to the offensive depth and possibilities while keeping Avon as fresh as possible. After all we expect the team to be playing all the way to November 27th in B.C.!!

We don't have a spot for him in the lineup.
He likely won't dress unless Cobourne or Thigpen get injured.

Avon gets the tough short yards Cobb wasn't the past two years. IMHO that's the biggest difference in our running game this year.

Exactly! You know if it is second and two that if he gets the rock the D will need a hand gun to stop him. :rockin:

I would like to suggest the team play a LOUD ding-dong after every TD from deuces. (You know, like "Ding-Dong Avon calling".) :lol:

I agree Avon has been a huge addition to this team, from productivity on the field and leadership off the field; will become more of a presence later in the season when the year starts to grind on the young guys.

Was T. Grant not on the depth chart for yesterdays game or did I read that wrong? Anyway, I love Avon I just want him as fresh as possible come November! These Coaches have forgotten more about football then I'll ever know I was just curious that's all.

He's not on the active roster. He hasn't been all season.

As I 've just recently found out myself, not all players on the depth chart are allowed to dress for the game. I can't remember the exact numbers but you have to cut down by another 2 or 3 I think when it comes time to dress for the game.

Edit: here it is:

The roster size for a CFL team is 46 active players with 42 available for game day rosters.

So there are 46 listed on the depth chart, 4 of which will not dress for the game.

That's also partly because our O-Line is stellar this year with guys like Dyakowski maturing into great linemen. Even Avon and the guys on the TSN panel are constantly praising them for creating huge holes to run through.

Well now that explains it for me. I never even thought of that or the designated import rule and such. Oh well, thanks anyway guys.

You nailed it. When it's 2nd and 2 or 3, I have no doubt that Cobourne will pick up the first down. It's a great relief knowing that the drive will continue. He is to the running game what Medlock has become to the kicking game.