Avon Cobourne...

What Popp said was that Cobourne wanted to be the highest paid CFL running back, and while he said that is Avon`s right to try to attain, on the Alouettes that is not going to happen.

A player will be well compensated but he has to leave enough on the table so that the team can surround him with supporting players. He can make up the salary difference with the playoff bonuses.

Hamilton trying to make a splash with their fans by signing a name player, put up the money. I wish Avon well, I like how he handled his departure, but he will not be a difference maker with Hamilton. The falacy of free agency in all sports is that by paying a player an exhorbitant salary, the expectation is that he will play up to that level. It rarely happens.

A similar thing occurred when we lost Jermaine Copeland to Calgary. We certainly felt his loss more than we will Avon`s, but you have to respect Popp and his philosophy on building and maintaing a team in the salary cap era.

Look at Calgary, another team I respect as an organization. They didn`t even offer a contract to their 2010 CFL Outstanding Lineman of the Year Ben Archibald.

But Obilovich will cut a guy in a New York minute if he does not play to the level he's paying. Setta, Lumsden, Printers, Keith.... He'll pay whatever, its not guarranteed money.

Ceci est très vrai. Mais dans le cas de Cobourne, je suis convaincu qu'il va tout donner ce qu'il a. C'est un joueur fier, un joueur d'équipe, un joueur acharné et il livre la marchandise quand on fait appel à lui. Le changement d'équipe ne le changera pas sur ces points. S'il ne livre pas la marchandise, c'est parce que son équipe au complet aura failli.

Oh damn, we CAN'T afford to lose Avon. He was the MVP of Grey Cup 2009! Popp can't tell me that he's not worth keeping. What do we do now, try to sign Ricky Williams?