Avon Cobourne...


One last thought about Cobourne

What was our defence's most effective strategy against Kevin Glenn and the Cats?
We blitzed the bejeezus out of them.

We've just upgraded Glenn's blitz support by what?
If fact while everyone is wondering how well Cobourne will do at running back
The focus needs to be that the Cats passed almost as much as the Alouettes...and that Cobourne suddenly
supplies a much needed ingredient...smash-mouth blitz-blocking

Look for Junior to have a banner year at QB in 2011.

Hamilton put up the money to sign Cobourne as a second line of defense (or protection), and yet let a proven veteran non-import LT in Alexandre Gauthier go.

Doesn`t make sense to me.

Something tells me Avon will be so busy protecting Glenns blindside, he wont have much energy for anything else.

Good point, sheldon. I think that Hamilton's strategy to building their O-line is questionable and may cause them significant problems this season. It is easier to find quality Canadian offensive linemen than it is to find Canadians at other positions. It will be harder for them to find a quality NI elsewhere to fill out the starting seven and their total roster CanCon isn't particularly great at the moment (as Richard pointed out, we have far more NI roster players under contract than they do at the moment).

Can someone get a hold of the webmaster for alouettes.com and get Avon off the first page...yuk!!

Interesting interview with Cobourne on the Team 990, touching on Trestman, Anderson (has a hate on him for some reason), Whitaker, among other topics.

I thought he handled it in a classy way, no unnecessary shots at his former team or city, and makes you wish he does well in Hamilton.

[url=http://www.team990.com/sound_bytes/view/session/team_990_audio_clips/1/]http://www.team990.com/sound_bytes/view ... o_clips/1/[/url]

I,m pulling for Cobourne to have a great season- would even like him to set some offensive records in so doing.

Thx for the link
Great interview
Almost made me want to cry
If nothing else the Alouettes will miss
And the Cats will benefit from:
his presence and competitiveness.

Every once in a while
Your team makes a move
That sticks in your craw
This is definitely one of those

With no offense intended, Niagara, I don't feel the same way. Avon was a great player for us, but he's a Cat now. I wish him all the best, but I don't want him to set offensive records, and I hope we stuff the run each and every time we play the Cats. Team first, player second -- that's how I look at it. :cowboy:

Good point. Many of us probably didn't like Anderson when he was a Cat and a Stamp, but we'll root for him now.

Same, in reverse, with Chip Cox. Love him as an Al. . . I'm sure lots of us would hate him were he on another team. . .

Indeed. Anderson was certainly a pain to play against. I'm happy we have him now. I know the wide-side corner doesn't see as much action as other DBs, but we got burned too many times last season at that spot. Dix tried hard and actually improved down the stretch, but was still a risk due to the physical mismatch. With Anderson and Estelle, we have shutdown corners at both ends. Generally speaking, our secondary is going to be tough to play against in 2011.

Same, in reverse, with Chip Cox. Love him as an Al. . . I'm sure lots of us would hate him were he on another team. . .
Agreed. :)

Dix is 5'10"
Estelle is 5'9"

While Dix is lighter...he nevertheless has more speed and is taller than Estelle.
His deficiencies lie elsewhere
Lack of good judgement
Lack of vision

Seems to be going around

Also has two or three years less CFL experience, you dont mention that, oddly in your expert analysis.

I thought that Dix was one of the most improved Alouette players last season and, with Estelle, the Als corners were OK. I thought Dix played a good game in the Grey Cup. I think he might stick with the club in 2011 perhaps in second string status. The team did, however, have its bad moments last season especially in the defensive backfield. I do hope Anderson demonstrates improvement in the position- this free agent pick up has positive possibilities!
While I am a solid Alouette fan, I will contiunue to hoot for Cobourne. Sometimes I have divided loyalties in my apprecriation of players or teams and, while I wish for another GC for the Als, I would also like Avon to have a great season. He seems to me a man of excellent character and has my great respect. I don,t believe this makes me less as an Alouette supporter. When the Als made the mistake of tradeing away Hal Patterson I continued to enjoy his exploits- even when he played against Montreal. Both players were great on the field and, of such outstanding character that I was/will continue to have the utmost respect for both.

Well said sir. :thup:

I don't know how this season will pan out with a Cobourne-less O scheme for the Als, but I hope that at some point the Als can negotiate a trade to get him back.

Mind you, I thought the Als were smokin' the expensive stuff when they let Mike Pringle go, but they more than survived without him. But with a guy like little AC, the Als are not one-dimensional and it gives the LBs and DHs one more thing to think about. Besides, the Als just don't seem right without little AC!

It will be a different game without Cahoon and Cobourne, that we know for sure.
All the more reason for Popp et al to continue to sign/invite to camp real players. Speaking of real players, shouldn't Ahman be on the off-season roster?????

He-Green- is not "officially" signed,yet; furthermore,his contract with UFL expires in early march.


Jim Popp interview on Team 990 touches on Cobourne and gives insight as to Popp`s philosophy on building and maintaining a winning team in the salary cap era.

He also mentions that Proulx could miss 2/3 of the season recovering, seems high on 2010 practice roster RB Emmanuel Marc, and confirms Duval`s departure.

[url=http://www.team990.com/sound_bytes/view/session/team_990_audio_clips/1/]http://www.team990.com/sound_bytes/view ... o_clips/1/[/url]

There is also an interivew with Gill a few links below. Very interesting insight on how free agency works and how teams see things from one of the league's top agent'.

J'ai plus ou moins compris ce qu'il disait, mais il m'a semblé qu'il a effectivement parlé avec beaucoup d'enthousiasme de Marc, vantant notamment sa vitesse.

Je sais qu'au dernier camp d'entraînement, Marc en a étonné quelques uns quand ils l'ont essayé sur des tracés de passes. À 5'11" et 200 livres, c'est un gars qui a le gabarit pour tenir son bout contre des secondeurs, mais il faudra le voir pour savoir s'il peut vraiment bloquer comme il faut.

D'autre part, il m'a semblé comprendre que les Alouettes n'ont pas vraiment négocié avec Cobourne. Si j'ai bien saisi, ils ont fait une offre qui était à prendre ou à laisser, mais rien de plus.