Avon Cobourne...

Let's face it the Als have the most talent to content and there is no possible way to pay everyone what they would like and even what they deserve. I am very sad to see Avon go, very... but I think he possibly misscalculated but hey... Yvenson Bernard is an interesting choice. He's done very well when used and I remember his coaches saying he was a great blocking back...

As far as Anderson, it is clear the Als need to upgrade their backfield. So once again we make choices.... I am not a fan of the guy but this is the CFL, if he's toxic, he'll be gone as quicly as the special team coordinator last year...

More changes in one off season in at least a decade....

Lambert, Cahoon, Duval, Cobourne, Proux...

I doubt this is going to meet with much favour
But that's never stopped me before so....

On the off-chance that Avon Cobourne ever reads these entries
I'd like to thank him:
For his intensity
For sacrificing his body time and again for his team

I may be wrong...but I have to say it:
I think Avon's been sacrificed on the altar of the Calvillo legacy
A year devoted to the pass...with the ultimate goal always to get that blasted record
No matter who gets hurt...even Calvillo himself

Ben Cahoon's another victim of this obsession
And while Calvillo himself has redeemed himself entirely in my eyes
(Ultimately, those Cup losses were the greatest thorn)
Still...and while I acknowledge the possibility that I might be completely off-base here

I'd like to take this chance to apologise for the way the team dismissed you
After all you've done for us
I'd wish you all the success in the world
But you're a Ticat now
So I'll just wish you well

Are sure you are a fan of this team?
The team losess, you are not happy
The team wins, you are not happy
They play the vets....You complain
They play the rookies, you complain
Lose a free agent, the sky is falling
Sign a free agent....the sky is falling
Rest a player, he will get rusty
Play a player, he will get hurt
First you want a player cut
Then you want more playing time for him.
Win the Grey Cup you are not happy
Win back to back Grey Cups....Still not happy

It occurs to me that I have never seen a picture of you and Herb together! :wink:

Avec tous mes respects, permettez-moi d'exprimer mon désaccord. Senior est clairement un supporteur des Alouettes. Un supporteur très critique et expressif, mais son appui à l'équipe m'apparaît viscéral. Ceci explique peut-être à quel point il est exigeant. Il ne faudrait pas oublier les côtés positifs des messages qu'il laisse sous le couvert de ses critiques acérées. Comme lorsqu'on lit la Bible, il faut savoir lire derrière son style les vrais arguments qu'il nous sert. C'est la beauté de la littérature.

Well when you make "serious" statements they should be based in facts.

Here is what we know:

Avon made 100 000.00 last season plus 23 000 in playoff bonus and ring....
Als offered him a modest raise probably 10k or so for 110 000.00.

He signed with the Tigercats for 130 000.00
He got 55 000.00 of it up front

In effect Avon's choice only makes sense if he's betting against his Als teammates...

but Senior gives us the following :roll:

I think Avon's been sacrificed on the altar of the Calvillo legacy A year devoted to the pass...with the ultimate goal always to get that blasted record No matter who gets hurt...even Calvillo himself
That's crazy talk. The Als used Avon smartly last season so he could be productive when it counted...

Well, we have lost, I believe, a very effective weapon in the Als' arsenal. Over the last few seasons, the Als used a predominatly pass-first approach, although it was mostly successful and the Als have excellent weapons. The running game, however, was used effectively.

It takes more time, I humbly submit, to develop an effective RB. There are all sorts of schemes, disguises, screens, formations, and blocking assignments to learn. On top of all that, you need a powerful RB with good eyes, great intuition, and an almost unbelievable amount of intestinal fortitude and resliency. Do the Als have that with this year's signings? Let's hope so. At times last season, Diedrick and Carter showed some things, but was it enough?

I sincerely hope the Als come up with innovative O schemes and some form of a running game this year; otherwise, AC may well find himself "kissing the carpet" as Rick Moffat would say.

I am just teasing him, that is why I put the :wink:

Its a huge loss and that's why Trestman does not like the word repeat...every year teams are different. Considering the retirement of Ben I think it must have been very tempting to give him what he wanted, in fact it is often easyer to say yes... but then what happens when the rest of your producers find out you overpaid ? It becomes a toilet spiral that you can't get out of and can't honnestly explain.

The other thing Avon better realize is that Obilovich has a history of not honnoring contracts. The most recent being Sandro and if Avon get hurt or has a tough season he'll find himself like Printers, DeAngelis, Belli, Setta, Keith and a bunch of others. I wish him well and 55k is a nice down to put on a home or start a business , make an investment... So Avon has to make choices like all of us. We'll miss him but I have a feeling he'll miss us too.

Je vois. Veuillez m'excuser de n'avoir pas vu le côté amical de vos remarques.

I don't mind criticisms of the team. It's the constant personal attacks and the conspiracy theories that are idiotic and annoying. For example, the idea that Cobourne left because Calvillo is trying to break the passing record and has to do it at the expense of his teammates. That's ludicrous and has NO BASIS in fact.

buzz buzzz buzzity buzz buzz
The hornets are angry again

Watching the Winnipeg game again
The one where Calvillo got hurt
People will remember Whitaker replaced Cobourne at tailback

I'm at the end of the third quarter...and after being...not surprised really...
but a bit taken aback by the statistic that the Alouettes led the league at that point
Passing on 75% of their first down attempts
I hear this little ditty:
"Now Brandon Whitaker...2 carries for 3 yards so far in the football game."

So...by the time Calvillo was laid out on his back, the Alouettes had run exactly 1 draw play...in essentially a half of football.

I'm reminded of a grizzled old MP in England...about to retire and asked about the dirty doings of his government.
I'm paraphrasing of course...but it went something like this:
"The present disrepute of so-called "conspiracy theories" strikes me as a complete absurdity. After 30 years in public office I can assure you that conspiracies abound...despite the conspiracy to marginalise anyone who believes so."
One never knows of course...but facts exist...and as Sherlock Holmes says...“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.?

Staying in games regardless of the score....foolishly to be sure...ignoring the running game...again to foolish extremes...excluding receivers with less propensity for long yardage plays...all this and more: part of a pattern.
Now there's nothing nefarious about trying to get Calvillo that record. After his years of service...there's no doubt he deserves it. But I'm a it disappointed that people equate passive silence or out and out cheerleading with loyalty to a team.

My loyalty to the Alouettes does not preclude voicing my opinion when I believe they mis-step.
On the contrary...loyalty demands that when mistakes occur one does something to correct them.
Especially when those mistakes collide with loyal and dedicated players like Ben Cahoon and Avon Cobourne.

Like with all possible conspiracies, there is often no way of knowing for sure.
Surely the parties involved may be the only ones to ever know.
But if we allow confusing and questionable events to occur without asking questions and postulating explanations ourselves, we are not only doing a disservice to our team and it's players...but to our own integrity and well-being.

Idiotic and annoying
Sir...your attacks against me and my writings have been personal from day one.
This is football after all...so to whomever I've dissapointed by responding in kind...I remind them again: I play tackle.

Pierre Vercheval made a good point this morning on the radio. Cobourne shined at the end of the season, that was because he was barely used. Going to Hamilton he will be used often in the backfield. The question is will he have enough gas to shine at the end of year? Only time will tell...

That's a good point. I know Avon wasn't always happy being a blocking back the past few years, but the upside is that we likely saved him some wear and tear on his body. The year we used him the most (2008, when he was on pace to become a 1000-1000 man) is also the year he missed significant time due to injury. And that was over two years ago. Does he have the durability to handle a full season's workload in Hamilton, where he'll likely get the ball a lot more frequently? It remains a question.

The above was an interesting comment by Mike. Avon is beyong the average age of existing running backs. And Avon has been out of games the last two years. This was only accomplished because the team has been such a winner that it could afford to rest Avon near the regular seasons end. Avon, on the other hand, has been such a great talent that rest was the correct response to the diagnosis- after rest Avon proved himself as superior in the playoffs and GC games!

Cobourne pourrait être le prochain Joffrey Reynolds (côté durabilité, j'entends). Il est très fort pour un gars de sa grandeur, et fait son travail intelligemment. Je crois qu'il a l'endurance pour jouer toute une saison, mais c'est certain que s'il ne peut bénéficier d'un repos vers la fin de la saison, il risque de ne pas avoir la même énergie que lorsqu'il peut prendre quelques semaines sans jouer.

Mais les Timinous vont s'aémliorer avec Cobourne. L'an dernier, il arrivait très souvent que Cobb n'attaquait pas la ligne adverse, comme s'il cherchait à éviter le contact. Les parties où il s'est démarqué sont celles où il n'a pas hésité à baisser le casque et foncer rapidement dans ses trous. Mais voilà, c'est quelque chose qu'il doit faire à chaque fois qu'il a le ballon. Nous savons que c'est ce que Cobourne va faire pour eux.

I agree with le Staff: Cobb was hesitant when approaching the defensive line last year .He is strong man yet, seemed to play it like a scat back. He had a big come down from the season before- I would doubt he has the ability to replace Cobourne!

You guys forget how inept Marcel Bellefeuille is designing and calling an offense ? A running back is only as good at the schemes and execution of his teammates.

Oh I don’t think any of us have forgotten that, HfxTC. . . and he’s not the offensive coordinator in Hamilton so it matters not at all.

I think it does matter to some extent. Head coaches are always going to be more involved on whatever side of the ball they came from. The Don was pretty heavily involved in our defense when he was HC. Trestman calls the plays for our offense. Will Avon have success now that Hamilton has Khari Jones in charge instead of Mike Gibson? It remains to be seen. All I know is that if I had to pick a coach to offer quality-control on an OC's playbook and playcalling, I'd pick Trestman over Bellefeuille every time. :wink:

One more point. In Montreal, little AC had a whale of an O-line in front of him. Even the best TB in the worle needs a hole. Will the Ticat O-line perform as well?