Avon Cobourne...

All this A-MAC talk is nice but we still don't have a running back!

There are a couple of teams ready to pounce on Avon if he goes free agency. He belongs in the Alouette system and, management would be foolish not to sign him.

Sans compter Cobourne ni Whitaker, on en a 3. Que valent-ils, ça, c'est une autre histoire!

David Naylor of TSN who is pretty tight with Jim Popp (a lot closer than Herb is!) wrote yesterday that Ahman Green`s signing could mean the Als are close to cutting ties with Avon.

I still cant see that happening unless his agent Tim Fleiszers demands are completely unrealistic. People have mentioned Hamilton as a possible landing spot, but I can`t see them opening the vault for Avon, when you factor in his potential Alouette playoff income.

I still expect an Alouette signing between now and the 15th.

Naylor semble faire le jeu de la négociation de Popp.

Les Alouettes ne trôneront pas sur la ligue éternellement. Il y a un élan de toutes les équipes vers une amélioration certaine. Tant mieux pour le football.

Pour ma part, je persiste à croire que Popp veut garder Cobourne, mais qu'il s'est donné de la marge de manoeuvre avec Green et Alston. Le problème de Green, c'est qu'on ne sait toujours pas ce que valent ses genoux meurtris. Le problème avec Alston, c'est qu'on ne sait pas du tout ce qu'il vaut .

J'espère que les parties sauront faire preuve d'imagination et trouver une façon de s'entendre pour que Cobourne demeure à Montréal, mais je commence à croire que les parties elles-mêmes sont en train d'y renoncer.

The aspect of Cobournes game that would be most difficult to replace (and Im still saying he will sign) is his blocking ability. Better runners can be found.

He is just as important to Calvillos health as LT Josh Bourke. We all remember the damage that Whitakers missed block caused.

CJAD is reporting that the Als have signed Whitaker and that Cobourne is likely headed for free agency.

I really cannot see another CFL team giving Cobourne a better deal than he could get from the Als.

[url=http://www.cjad.com/blog/AlouettesNews/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10205608]http://www.cjad.com/blog/AlouettesNews/ ... D=10205608[/url]

YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!!!!?????!!!!!!!

The article never says Cobourne is ‘likely’ heading for free agency. It states that Whitaker’s signing ‘could signal’ that Cobourne is heading to free agency. In other words, CJAD is using the Whitaker signing to speculate on Cobourne’s future with the Als. There is no inside information in the article pertaining to what Cobourne is likely to do.

I’m still hoping Avon re-signs with the Als.

We will know in basically 7 hours, but I still say that Avon will sign with the Als.

Whitaker probably realized that it was best for him to sign a contract and compete at training camp; to me,this signing does not mean that Avon won't be back.


I think you're right.

RDS prétend que les jours de Cobourne avec les Alouettes sont révolus. Disons que tant que ce n'est pas annoncé, je garde un petit espoir, mais j'ai malheureusement l'impression que c'est le cas, et je ne verrais pas ça comme une bonne nouvelle.

Ça nous laisserait provisoirement avec Alston, Ford, Marc, Whitaker et potentiellement Green comme solutions de rechange. Je ne vois pas en ces gars-là la bougie d'allumage qu'est Cobourne. Nous verrons bien, mais pour ceux qui croyaient en une 3ième Coupe Grey, la quête devient beaucoup plus ardue.

Running back position has always been a little bit undervalued in our game and it is the position with the shortest shelf life of all of them. The Oracle Lefko claims Avon is going to Hamilton and I can't see it. Avon made 84 000 in playoff money in the last 3 years. Hamilton players made 3000.00

So unless the Tigercats are offering him 30k more a year, he's likely to los money... Hope it all works out. I think guys who have produced like him and decide to make Montreal their year round home should be treated accordingly.

Well, the deadline for signing Avon has come and gone, and still no announcement. I don't have any inside information, but it appears as if little AC will try the free agency market. Considering all of the recent signings, including those from the NFL, RBs among them, it has occurred to me that Jim was hedging his bets in case Avon didn't resign. I'm sure that if Avon had resigned, there would have been news from the Als' camp. No news in this case does not appear to be good news (unless, of course, some last-minute deal can be ironed out).

If we do indeed lose little AC, it will be more difficult to break in a new RB, especially if they are not familiar with the Canadian game. With an aging and less mobile AC, this means that the O will have to come up with more and more innovations in the passing game to compensate while the Als develop a running game. Let's hope that the running game is not a thing of the pass.

That's what puzzles me. If it's only about money, Avon has to know that his chances of earning more money via playoff bonuses are better in Montreal than in Hamilton. It's not just about his base salary.

I'll be really sorry if Avon goes. He's been a pleasure to watch and a key part of our championship run. That said, both Avon and the Als have to look after their own interests.

Well Sportsnet seems to be the only place that is reporting it, but it seems like what everyone was kinda/sorta expecting has happened.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2011/02/16/cobourne_ticats/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... ne_ticats/[/url]

Training camp will be nothing if not interesting.

I've seen Bob O'Billovich twice in the last week saying he wasn't going to spend any money on free agents.
I guess he was playing a little game of possum.
Too bad if we have lost Avon, as it seems we have, but I have to wish him well all the same.

I am a very great Cobourne fan and, this news saddens me. I have my doubts that a replacement will be easy to find. I do not believe anyone on the team, to date, will be able to assume his role. It took Avon a few years to bec ome first string and, his running, blocking, pass catchment and desire were immense. I would think Cobourne has to examine his financial position as he is getting older. Bonne chance Avon, we will miss you. Is Cobb coming ti Montreal?

Well there ya go
Avon Cobourne was one Alouette ready to sweat blood for his team
Now his team is the Hamilton TigerCats

So let’s see now:
Larry Taylor goes to Calgary
Arguably our greatest competition in the West
Avon Cobourne goes to Hamilton
Probably the biggest threat in the East

And our special teams are in shambles
And we have no running game

Not to mention Calvillo’s insurance premiums have just doubled…

I sure hope Avon is wrong and Anderson isn’t the toxic presence in the dressing room he’s saying:
But either way…losing Cobourne…his energy…his willingness to sacrifice himself…and not least:
His multifaceted talent…over a few bucks…

Well maybe this year they can at least shell-out for a permanent practice facility
With all the old NFL has-beens in town
It might be a good idea if it had ample handicapped parking and wheelchair access
(no offence)

Ah, Senior, I've been waiting on your response. And you didn't disappoint me.
Last year was the year of the "wannabes" on the practise roster, this year looks like it could possibly be the "has-beens" mixed in. What a recipe for disaster - wannabes and has-beens!!!!!!!