Avon Cobourne Riders RB Coach

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 3h
Familiar name to join #Riders staff. Avon Cobourne to be RB coach. Familiar w/ Chamblin ('11) and Cortez ('12)

Deuces is back in the game!


8) Hmmm, wonder what happened to that Insurance sales, career job he had in his home town in Florida ?? :oops:

Maybe he is taking his business with him to Regina as welll

“Hmmm, wonder what happened to that Insurance sales, career job he had in his home town in Florida ??”

I hope it wasn’t intended, but the above comment struck me as snide and insensitive. We, as fans, are part of a college and pro football system that chews up athletes and often leaves them with few post- athletic career prospects (not to mention serious long-term health problems).

Why not just be happy for Avon? (Who worked his but off when he was a Cat)

Wow. I have to disagree entirely with this position. My fandom or love for the sport has nothing to do with the decisions made by any player, nor will I bear the “responsibility” for the outcomes of athlete’s lives. They and they alone are responsible for the decisions they make, both as collegiate and pro athletes. The fact that careers for the majority of pro athletes are short and have no guarantees is not hidden from them or from the general public for that matter. In fact, most schools go out of their way to ensure that athletes have plans for “post-sports” life. Same goes for sports related injury and health problems.

Further, I did not get the same sense from the comment you quoted. Just sounded like a question to me.

Congrats Avon, the guy is a class act :thup:

Agreed tc23. All the best to him in his new career.

Congratulations to Avon. He was a heck of a player and is a class act. I hope he has a great coaching career.

As for his insurance business career, I hope that if he continues it, it also does well.

A former player with coaching aspirations is not unusual. Good for him to get a job in the CFL as a position coach. He his foot into coaching now their will be doors open.
For a player like Cobourne who had a great NCAA career and A CFL career having the CFL expereince gave him a whole other league as an option to start his coaching. The CFL is now in an era where they have full coaching staffs.
He has the CFL, NCAA, and now seeing CIS as an option for former CFL players now with a HC getting 6 digits and OC and DC beginning to get better pay as well.

Great news a class act , calling on Avon ! He deserves much more respect on this forum does everybody not remember him running up around :750 YDS in his return to Steeltown and that's with missing numerous starts ! Great news great leader in the locker room :cowboy:

Two very different ways of doing things

RIDERS- Hire Avon Cobourne as RB Coach. :thup:

BOMBERS- Hire Buck Pierce as RB Coach. :roll:

I’m with you GuelphTicatsFan … the remark was sarcastic as was the emoticon.

Red faced and crying emoticon does not support a legitimate question.

Interviewed on the Sports Cage he did explain how this came about. He was doing his other career and had offers from colleges but non of the this kind of positon as the position coach of a team. Bottom line is he was out of football he missed it and this is a way back into the game for him like it is for many other players.

I would be interested in why you think that.

Good luck to Avon he'll be a good coach in Regina I'm sure and will certainly put his heart into each game just as he did when he played football for the Al's and Tiger-Cats.

Always enjoyed watching Avon as a RB with the Tiger-Cats.