Avon Cobourne joins Riders as RB coach

[url=http://www.riderville.com/article/avon-cobourne-joins-riders-coaching-staff]http://www.riderville.com/article/avon- ... hing-staff[/url]

Probably a smart move, as they will have a new backfield almost entirely. A little surprised they did not roll this duty back onto Dyce, but this is likely an upgrade there, and with a lot of player movement, especially a new punter, ST will need all of the attention it can get...especially early

Cobourne was a complete back, run, catch and block. Seems to me like he could make a real good teacher, which is essentially what a position coach is.

Good pickup by you guys :thup: Also,if in case you guys can't find a suitable replacement for Sheets or your r.backs get injured,you could always turn Cobourne into a player-coach,I'm sure that Avon must have some game left in him,make sure you keep the #22 jersey available......just in case!!!! :slight_smile:

Actually that thought had crossed my mind 8)

"no no...do it like this, step here, cut back this way then hit this hole...watch me"

but understand that it could never work on so many levels

Although he probably still could play there many active players who would be just as good or better than him so the Riders will likely have those players in camp