avon cobourne and jarious jackson released

avon cobourne has been released by the tabbies, and jarious jackdon released by the lions, according to tsn.ca/cfl

im disappointed in the tabbies decision. imo, free agents should stay clear of hamilton at all costs. we see this with them every year. bring in an established player and ruin their career.
terry vaughn, tony miles, kenton keith, jason maas, casey printers, jason armstead, sandro deangelis, etc.

I'm thinking, welcome to Riderville, both of them. Wouldn't be surprised if both are inked in green by Friday. Jackson for sure, Riders greatest need is a somewhat proven backup at Q.B., and running back isn't exactly a bed of roses at this time eighther. I would think Coburne before Reynolds hands down, if they are not throwing their fate on rookies at R.B. and are leaning towards experience for the next year or two.

Not that of course I would wish the Riders well should they go down this road though it is a good one, but you are the first and only Rider I have read who has written some sense on the matter of RB in Saskatchewan.

All the green Kool-Aid drinkers out there seem to be sold on Wes Cates. :roll: Also take Hugh Charles back if you give us something for him now for all I care.

More power to those still sold on Cates all the same for all I care, but then again they might drive you nuts for not following this guidance. :lol:

I've been surprised that Jackson has stayed around this long. He was getting quite a bit of cash to be a backup and not an overly great one at that. I think Buono was waiting to see if Reilly would improve, which he did, or if Jackson would take a pay cut. I think he's done.

Cobourne will bounce back. he still easily has 2 good years in him, he won't be unemployed for long.

i would normally agree with you on avon, but with Reynolds also available, who knows.
Reynolds is just a quiet hard worker who won't disrupt a locker room chemistry like avon might do.

avon could fit in a room full of swagger, like winnipeg, but im told they are sold on garrett...altho, i don't know why? he was non existant in the most important game of the year.

That is a sad list of busts.

That'll never happen with Taman in charge.

Too bad about Jackson. The guy is a class act and the ultimate teammate. He was a borderline starter in this league, but one of the top veteran backups. This guy should be coaching one day.

Man this off season just keeps gettin better and better ! Look at all the mces being
Made! Talk about some awesome free agents out there now! As for the riders I was hoping to make a stab at Teynolds but now that Avon is on the market I'm not so sure and dont underestimate Taman, he just got some salary room by releasing RT Guathier so I feel we will be active in the free agency and as or the list of busts in Hamilton a lot of names there wow also where is Cobb?

i forgot to add corey holmes to that list. stevie baggs may soon be added, according to some internet speculation.
they bring in top proven vets and dont use them properly.

You don't read much then...most Rider fans support a change at RB.

I can see Jackson landing in either Saskatchewan or Toronto. Both teams REALLY need a decent backup QB. As for Avon, I got a feeling we'll see him in Saskatchewan or possibly BC. All other teams in the league seem to be set with respects to backup QBs and RBs.

Cobourne would provide some veteran leadership for a team with a young RB (Calgary? BC?). Not sure why Saskatchewan would cling to a wash out like Wes Cates - - next to KR, RB is the easiest position to fill in the CFL. So many talented RBs come out of the NCAA every year and there's only room for a small percentage in the NFL. So any that are a bit undersized or a bit too slow have no place to go.

I do agree with this except for one thing...RBs in the CFL need to be able to catch. The most a US style RB 'generally' sees is screens, and thus have lesser developed receiving skills. Cates has amazing hands for a RB, probably the biggest thing that has kept him around.

Excellent point on the hands and also in the CFL, even more than the NFL, running backs have to be able to block well.

Above all at just about any level football junior high school for a running back is ball security.

Ball security at the pro level of play is truly is a skill for just about any back who makes it to serious carries. A lack of ball security is also the quickest way off the field for any backs who are not reliable to hold onto the ball in traffic whatever their physical attributes otherwise.

For example, Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis of the New England Patriots playing this weekend apparently has some of the best ball security skills ever in league history as I read in an article this week, but he is by far not an elite back in the NFL and definitely not a high draft pick or a big trade candidate.

Many of those guys are transitioned to linebacker in high school or college like some receivers are to defensive back, but somehow a few make it to the pros though are spotted quickly and never heard from again before too long.

Though many RBs in the CFL are lower in weight, I am not convinced that that is a good thing all things being equal unless a back is nearing 230. The ideal backs are anywhere from 200 to 229 pounds. All things considered, shorter is usually better.

Of course occasionally you do get a big and tall back like Jerome Messam in the CFL, trying out for the NFL, and other bigger backs who could excel in either league, but the odds are high against them historically.

serioulsy dude?

Terry Vaughn=washed up
Kenton Keith=injured for 2 years
Jason Maas=Garbage and injured Bicep. No throwing power
Casey Printers=me first did not want to go in a game when Porter got hurt
Jason Armstead=was not playing well when here
Sandro Deangelis=blamed everything but himself and couldn't make a kick when it counted

i guess bruce was washed up too, right?

Change, Change we can beleive in ! :roll:

If Bruce is washed up, I want us to have more washed up players! :smiley:

Nope but make an argument about the others................um yeah