Avon & Chevy together in MTL

There have been little teaser hints from the coach, and elsewhere in the media, this week and now this article has me convinced it's a slam, Dunk:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/dunk-a-new-look-ticat-backfield-in-the-works]http://www.cfl.ca/article/dunk-a-new-lo ... -the-works[/url]

Interesting that it would happen just 3 days and 1 game later than a similar move, which proved very successful, occurred last season.

Great article. Love Dunk's writing!

Thanks for sharing ottawacat! (BTW, the game's in Hamilton.)

What struck me most about this article is that Cobourne just may have nailed he single most glaring deficiency with this team

In the fourth quarter of their last six losses, the Ticats have been outscored by a whopping 98-40 margin.

However, while it might be hindering Hamilton’s improvement as a club, Cobourne doesn’t see it as something that can’t be corrected.

“It’s just us not making plays [at crucial times],? Cobourne stated. “We’re in position, but we miss a block, drop a pass, run the wrong way here or don’t make the right cut there and we’re in a down and distance where we’re behind the chains. And it hurts us.?

Like the savvy veteran he is, Cobourne recognizes how his current team differs from the championship clubs he has been a part of in the past.

“It’s totally different, personnel is different,? he said. “There are a lot of younger guys here. It’s hard to put that in perspective – my championship teams everybody was older and had years in the league.?

That’s the only problem when you have those young guys is they don’t always get it as fast as you want them to. We have guys here that can make the plays, but it’s about when is that light going to come on [for the younger players].?

Coubourne has been sharing his knowledge and experiences in the Canadian game with Ticat newcomers in hopes of speeding up their development.

“We have a lot of young guys here and we expect them to make a lot of plays,? Cobourne said.

Oops! Thanks, Captain, for pointing out my error in typing "in" when it should have been "vs."
I guess the subject heading is unchangeable now. Hope others don't think it's news of a big trade.

All teams have youth and inexperienced rookies to deal with. But they adapt and learn the game quickly by watching the veterans perform. Except some of our key vets like Stala and Cobourne have been riding the bench. Guys like Giguere should be on the sideline watching and being mentored by Stala. Instead it's the other way around. There's lots of veteran presence on this team in all the key positions. Burris as the leader of the team is about as experienced as you can get. I don't buy all the excuses about a young team.

The problems with this team are much more complex and have been discussed ad nauseam on this forum and in the media. The solution is to find and hire management that can recognize these deficiencies and address them. Teams like Montreal every year have to endure the same crap that we do with injuries and over the hill veterans being released. But Jim Popp and Trestman bring in the right personnel and eventually steer the ship in the right direction. They don't need years and years of re-building to put a decent football team on the field. Until the Ticats figure this out then we will be spinning our wheels for years to come.

I hope the weather is crappy on Friday. I'm looking forward to some "Thunder and Lightning".......maybe.

I'm confident in this team, maybe not for this year but over the next few years I think we'll be up there with the best, hopefully.

Looks like there may be a storm Friday.

8) How right you are "Krisiun".
  Without a doubt, Jim Popp is by far the best GM in the CFL.   Just when the experts think that the Al's are going to 
   bottom out, because of old age, and previous stars getting released, Popp brings in players who are just as good as the
   guys they are replacing !!

   If only the Cats had a guy even half as talented as Jim Popp, our glory days just might return, much sooner !!

Interesting on the Depth Chart for VS MTL that Cobourne is shown as the starter, ahead of Walker,and the same with B. Grant
where Jones has been the regular starter in recent games. Jones becomes the second kickoff returner, which was part of Walker's duties before he was injured and has been covered by Rutley since. This week Rutley, Campbell and Graham all go to the Injured List and their roster spots go to Walker, Marcel Young and Yannick Carter.