Avon Calling.

Well, he sure likes speaking his mind about others on Twitter.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

"ALS let me goto free agency and the pick up D Anderson? Great team guy this guy and a guy that fights with his teammates.. "


Moving Thiggy to slotback has been my call for some time now! We shall see what Obie and co. choose to do here. Our running game is definitely enhanced by the presence of Cobourne, so it does open up opportunities re our receivers.

Oski Wee Wee,


I will show you my source, if you will show me your's.

#Ticats agree to terms with RB Avon Cobourne

The Ticats have agreed to terms with running back Avon Cobourne

on a deal that will pay him a maximum of $135k

  • assuming he hits attainable bonus targets.

He will get a signing bonus of $35,000.

I am guessing he has a one year deal. He will be 32 this season.

And its not as if the secondary wasnt adressed. Daniel Francis is still raw but he was good enough to make a pretty good defense and is well thought of on STs there aswell.

to Quote Comic Book Guy Worse Move Ever....
We signed a Running back who over the hill and we over Paid..
He small and not a Bruising type back we need on Short Yardage ..

Not a Happy Camper here..

Drew via Twitter..

"#Ticats deal with Cobourne: 2+1 with 55k at signing, $75k base and $5k in incentives. #CFL"
Arash Madani via Twitter..
"Clarification on Cobourne contract info w/ #Ticats: It is a 3-year deal worth $130k. The signing bonus is actually $55k. Base is $75k."
Hope this helps..

And also, this quote also from zontar jr: "Rushing and receiving at the level Avon brings is rare- certainly in these parts. Opens up an entire new facet for KJ to explore."

I have to disagree with all of these comments. Unless there is an already set plan is to trade Cobb or come up with some new and creative offensive plan featuring these two very similar players in the same backfield, (or the return of the run and shoot), I just don't get this move at all. Compare the stats:

2010 Rushing & Receiving totals -- Cobb 1173 + 334 = 1507. Cobourne 956 + 556 = 1512. Fumbles: 4 each
2009 Rushing & Receiving totals -- Cobb 1217 + 542 = 1759 Cobourne 1214 + 458 = 1672. Fumbles: Cobb 5, Coburne 3
That's 5 yds. difference last season and 82 yds total difference (in Cobb's favour) over the two years.

Average gain per rush and reception:
2010 - Cobb 5.2 & 8.8. Cobourne 5.2 & 8.7
2009 - Cobb 5.6 & 9.0. Cobourne 5.4 & 8.2
It would be quite a hunt to find two players of such similar stature with such amazingly similar stats.

Coburne is a little over 2 years older than Cobb. I don't know what Cobb is paid, but I'm sure it's nowhere near the reported $130.000. per season, with $55,000. up front, that's reportedly going to Cobourne. I expect Cobb feels like I do about this acquisition.

Excellent signing you guys. :thup:

Short-yardage problems are usually the result of poor blocking and playcalling. My Als didn't have a problem converting second and short with Avon in the backfield. With Khari Jones in charge, hopefully the sets and formations in those situations will put players in a position to succeed. I think Avon will do fine for you guys.

Throwing a fortune at a disruptive, selfish headcase like Anderson or tying up a significant amount of money for Tisdale, good but not elite and over a longer period makes more sense to you ?

Cobourne is being paid $75,000 a season, $135,000 over a 2+1 year contract, with a $55,000 Signing bonus..

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-add-all-star-rb-avon-cobourne]http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats ... n-cobourne[/url]

It up on the page

It's official. Or not. CFL site has an article stating that he's signed with the Ticats, but the FA list shows him as "resigned" withe the Als.

Um. Guys? (Suspect someone entered it incorrectly on the list.)

Welcome to the lair, Mr. Colbourne. I hope you can help us get to that game in late November you know so well.

If two teams can share one owner we can share an RB.

I think Colbourne is overrated. He didn’t impress me last year as much as he did the previous year. He has a way of looking like he’s trying much harder than others that accomplish the same or more. I didn’t fear Colbourne’s running at all last year and I cheered for almost every team the Als played. I think if you put Cobb on that Als’ team last year he’d do as well, but probably better than Avon.

Ditto 8)


CatsFaninOttawa, We have just confirmed signing him on ticats.ca and Avon Cobourne crushed any return to Montreal earlier today when he slammed his former team for letting him go, to sign a head case in D. Anderson..


Fought injuries last year. To say Cobb could do the same things as Avon at the same level is seriously under-rating Avon. Stats and overall impact make the case. (to say the least)

Cobb was good and had is moments but is he really the back to put the offense over the top ? And isn't that what we're all waiting for ?