Avon and rottier released

According to chml

And Mullinder, according to the TiCats,


Vice president of football operations Bob O’Billovich made the following statement concerning the release of Simeon Rottier, who was slated to become a free agent on February 16:

“Over the last few months, we’ve presented multiple contract offers to Simeon and his representatives, including our most recent offer that would have made him one of the league’s highest paid linemen. After our latest offer was rejected, it was clear Simeon would not return to Hamilton in 2012. It’s time for us to focus on the players that want to be here. The Ticats appreciate all that Simeon gave to the team during his three years with us."

Regarding the release of Avon Cobourne, O’Billovich said:

“We spoke with Avon following the addition of Martell Mallett to our roster to determine what course of action he would prefer. After speaking with him again today, we are granting Avon’s request to be released. We would like to thank Avon for his outstanding contributions to our team last season and wish him all the best in the future.?

Regarding Luc Mullinder’s release, O’Billovich said:

“When we signed Luc last August, we agreed that we would grant his release if we weren’t willing to sign him to a new deal early in the new year. We thank Luc for his hard work last season and wish him continued success.?

For more info: http://www.ticats.ca/article/cats-release-three

Nothing really that surprising. Would have been nice to keep Rottier but if the cats really did give him an offer that would have made him one of the top paid linemen im glad he left, he isn't that special.

Wonder if Simeon is heading home to TillMan. Going to be some big holes in the Oline to fill.

I hate this.

Not surprised by Rottier at all. Not the wisest draft choice considering all of his ties to the Edmonton area.

Thanks to Avon for all his hard work and for being such a class guy and interacting with the fans the way he did. I absolutely hate to see him go. It really stinks.

Good luck to Mullinder. He did some good things, but if he wanted to leave then not much can be done about that.

I"d be concerned about Mallett as the feature back. . . he basically hasn't played for two years. . . and to count on a guy coming back after a couple of seasons bouncing around in the NFL. . . well, don't they remember the Kenton Keith experience? That didn't turn out so well now did it?

Oh well, at least Mallett has age in his favour.

Now why would you bring logic into the discussion? :roll: :wink:

Everyone is comparing Mallett to Keith. Kenton Keith came in towards the end of the season. A lot harder to be effective when coming in so late. Then in training camp he suffers a season ending injury. At least Mallett will have training camp to learn the plays and get himself game ready.

It is a good move. Mallett is younger and he is very good. Probably felt they had a better future with him than with Avon.

Ti-Cats want to be good this year! They're making the right moves!

Interesting, Mallett has more break away speed I would say. As for Rottier I don't know his skill set as much to be honest.

People are just comparing the two because they wanna complain. Keith was older and we don't really know how effective he would have been because he got hurt. If you want to win you need to take chances plus rb is the easiest position to fill look at Winnipeg last year.

As Obie says, "better is better". So I hope Mallett is better. Better, younger and cheaper must be really good.

I thank the released players for their efforts and wish good luck to all of them.

As I wrote on January 30,2012 -Tiger-Cats sign Martell Mallett- definitely not surprised with the release of Avon Cobourne; there was no chance of Hamilton, or any team, carrying 2 running backs earning in excess of $100,000 each. Avon's career in the CFL is most probably over.

A little more surprised with release of Simeon Rottier, although I had expected him to become a free agent and sign with Edmonton; he will now sign 10 days or so earlier.


I am hoping that the combination of Mallet and Grant make us forget about Cobourne in a hurry, and get even better than
I do find the situation a tad worrisome. Hopefully, Mallet can regain his CFL form of 2009 and get even better. This would
make believers out of all of us. (IMO)

The other two players ARE forgettable and IMO, easily replaced.

How many running backs and receivers making a return to the CFL can you name that have been as good or better than before they left for the NFL ?

So what was all that talk about Avon bringing a winning attitude and championship credentials and blah blah blah at the start of last season? Did he lose all that in the offseason? He had a solid year and wasn't the reason Hamilton came up short in the EDF. But once again, the Cats look for the shiny new plaything and cast away a player who left everything on the field. For Obie, familiarity really does breed contempt. :thdn:

And this 'better is better' mantra is horse manure. It's just a tautology. The player in question, Mallett, has in no way proven that he is better. He's spent two years on the shelf in the NFL and has exactly one good CFL season on his resume.

He needs to change is mantra. Better is better but somehow I always come up short. Football teams are built they aren't bought trough free agency.

For real. Obie seems to have no commitment to building from within. Sure, free agency can be a nice way to augment a winning team by filling in a missing piece, but any team that tries to build in free agency isn't going anywhere but down.