Avery may miss the Hamilton game - Ankle Injury

I heard today that John Avery may miss this weekend's Labour Day game because of the ankle injury he suffered late in Friday's game in Winnipeg. Will Pinball give him the start at only 75% or will Johnson get the ball cause it's only Hamilton?

Might this be karma for all you argos fans getting to cocky by saying you will sweep hamilton easily??

When will Ricky be ready?

still sayin 2 weeks, then the argos have a bye week so it looks like 23rd @ calgary

Legend is correct. I made reference to the Argo victory as if it has already happened. No offence to Hamilton but they are struggling and you have to look at your opponent to decide whether or not to play through an injury. The latest news has Avery ready to go. I have enjoyed watching Williams when he did play but I believe that the team was struggling with him starting and I think Avery does give them the edge. It will be very interesting in seeing how it plays out when Ricky returns.

Chances are that if Avery's ankle is bothering him, Johnson will most likely get the majority of running touches, but look for Damon to go through the air to Miles and "Da Third" (Bruce) more often.

Canadian born Jeff Johnson should start.

lol I dont think hes injured well maybe but johny is a funny guy...im new to the forum and i go to the argos practise every day and see them and talk to them but john yesturday was jus jokin around and he had cruches but its funny cuz one time hed walk on his left foot but one time hed walk on his right...but hes only 75% and saw a doctor today and also our 4th string RB is back too for hamilton but today in practise a lot of funny players played johns position like kenny wheaton, parker, and livingston

If Avery doesn't play it will mean just less fumbles for the Argonauts. John Avery has been the worst signing on this team over the past 5 years (yes, including Williams). His injury's were never fully disclosed to the mismanaged Argonaut staff. He has been injured more than games played. His big contract has been such a waste. I mean, Edmonton knew all about his wonky leg and didn't want him. He is actually a great guy but from a football standpoint, the Argos should have cut ties 2 years ago.