Average quarterbacking

You don’t get by in the CFL with average quarterbacking and that’s what we have. As good as Jesse Lumsden is the CFL is a passing league and you need a strong armed QB who can spread the ball. Granted there are to many dropped balls but far to often receivers have been waiting for under thrown or ill advised passes. I like Jason’s heart but he no longer has the zip on the ball to be a starter. With so many rookies and our 1-5 start I would love to see what Chang can do. Lets start Chang and bring in Maas if he struggles. As far as Bauman goes look at the bright side this guy get gets open all the time which is more than I can say for some of our other receivers.

Sadly, we have come to celebrate an average performance from our QB.


the only time he's lit up a stadium was under the coaching of ricky ray. without a mentor on the bench any amateur qb would be a bit shakey. i suggest giving him time. game after game he's improving. hes taking more control over the offence at the same time. come the end of the season we're going to be a full out professional team.

sidenote: its a gel. we need to mesh together. even a great quarterback can be terrible under bad playcalling, karma, and off recievers
example: McManus sucked his last 2 years
kahari jones was a great qb and blew in hamilton
now we have moss.. lets give him some confidence

Did Maas throw a pass over 20 yards? I'm pretty sure he didn't. Yet after last week we had so many people singing his praise. He stinks. Bring in Chang.

Sadly, we have come to celebrate an average performance from our QB

And very poor play selection by the OC.
And not using our best player because the other team is keying in on him...what a joke
And dropping a game winning pass.
And poor officiating
And missing an easy field goal.

Mass did not lose the game for us Tommyboy.

I didn't say that he did and I agree with all of your points.
But....he didn't win the game for us either. He rarely does.

perfection: completeing 100% of your passes for 400+ yards in a game

failure: completing less than 5% of your passes for 0 yards and 0 points

concidering in our first couple games we had no offensive td's i'd say that his performance last night was above average to his usual.

"bring in chang" you only like him cause his names chang. what has he done. came in for 1 or 2 quarters and done diddly.
leave maas in. give him some confidence at least some hope.

The first Bauman drop was a underthrown huge.

Bauman in stride catches that pass and its all she wrote. But Maas put to much air under it.

I like Maas, but something is up with his arm...surgery or anything like that?

bauman stil should have had it. he was wide open and had the time to come back the extra couple steps.. it hit him right in the hip.

it could have been a better thrown ball. but concidering maas got hit as he threw it. i'd say he did a damned good job. when a ball comes to a reciever who is unharmed like bauman was and the ball is catchable. it should be caught.

The Cats are 1-6. At least 3 games were winnable. We won none of them. Maas is not able to get wins. It really doesn't matter why. We can easily find all kinds of excuses. But there is no excuse for 1-6. Maas can't seem to find ways to win games day in and day out. We have not given Chang or Williams a chance. Any other team in the CFL would have yanked Maas long ago. We just give him chance after chance after chance. You have to give Chang a chance to prove himself before this season is lost. he may not be able to do anything but we don't know until we give the guy a chance.

I agree weather the ball was underthrown or not Bauman has got to come up with it. Not every pass is going to be perfect and sometimes the WR has to make a play on the ball when its in the air. Bauman would be the first one say that he should have caught it.

As for the comment about Maas not having enough zip on the ball did you watch the game? Ricky Ray doesn't exactly throw a fastball either, but with the time he had in the pocket it was easy for him to make completions.

agreed in4td.. maas needs to relax a bit. he's getting antzy in the pocket and throwing early and scared. if he played confident relaxed ball we'd see a whole new maas

First quarter, 60-yard bomb that Ralph was a step too slow. Perfect spiral, perfect placement. Ralph just couldn't catch up to it.

Overthrown, underthrown, whatever same result.

That was the only one, though, until the passes to Bauman, right?

McCants wasn't signed to catch seven yard passes...

Maas had several long passes last night but none connected. Half of them were short. The troubling part is there were no calls for intermediate range throws of 20 yards or so as pointed out by the CBC crew. Strange playcalling and strange that Maas still cannot throw accurately or strongly downfield with any consistancy

i've been on the support side of maas and still will if the team goes.i do agree that chang should have been inserted for his feet and scrambling ability as maas had no time to pass in the pocket and is not the quickest qb.
that wasthe main reason why we did not go deep. saying that ray never really went deep much also, does that make him a bum?,no. he took what our defence gave him and that's what good qb's do. once again we have to get the oline working again and get the proper protection or it won't matter,even changwith his feet and spark will only go so far.

Where is the mid range ball. It is nonexistent with Maas in the game. That's not protection, that's failure to even run plays because of the QB inadequacies

Yes, but Maas has no confidence to throw deep and he is not accurate with the deep throws. He threw what, 4 passes over 10 yards all game then everyone wonders why the defence is all over our dinky little 5 yard routes that Maas throws to 30 times a game. And for whatever reasons Taafe will put up with this instead of going with someone who isn’t afraid to make all the throws and use the whole field instead of 5 yard slants and outs for the whole game. After Maas underthrew Curry on his 30 yard out post he should have been yanked.