Average per carry

Food for thoughts:

Average per carry in the CFL.

1 ) Henry Burris = 8.4
2 ) Joffrey Reynolds = 7.6
3 ) Kerry Joseph = 6.9
4 ) Corey Holmes = 6.5
5 ) Kevin Glenn = 5.7
6 ) Spergon Wynn = 5.0

  • ) Kenton Keith = 5.0
    8 ) Charles Roberts = 4.9
  • ) Robert Edwards = 4.9
  1. Troy Davis = 4.6
  2. Antonio Warren = 4.4
  3. Ricky Ray = 4.2
    13) Ricky Williams = 4.0
  4. Josh Ranek = 2.8
  5. Jason Maas = 2.3

…Ranek is a real surprise at no. 14…maybe Ronnie can get him going…i know that kid has more talent than what he’s shown so far this year… :roll:

Ricky William's career average in the NFL was 4.0 So it's not like he's dissapointing.. he just wasn't that good to begin with. :lol:

OH yeah and Joffrey Reynolds rules.

Intersting to not e that in the top 5 only 2 are actual RBs the rest are all scambling QBs.

Even though his career NFL average was 4.0 yards per carry he was expected to come here and dominate since the nfl has “superior talent” but if he is no more dominant that he was in the NFL that says more about the level between the two leagues than it does about Williams in particular.

Another facotr I feel that is lowering his stats would be that he tends to get more yards on his 12th to 15th carry than he does on his first 10 but hte argos havent been doing a lot of running plays

I'm surprised at BC's poor running game that we even had any one in the top 15 :cry:

If Ricky Williams was working with Calgary's O-Line, his average would probably be around 6.0

Thats been his major downfall so far this season. His offensive line. Most games you look at it and the second he touches the ball theres a man in the backfield. So he has to make a move just to get past the line of scrimmage. His O-line needs to step up their play.

Also, he's always been a running back where he pounds away at you the first 2 quarters, and then on his 15th, 16th carry he starts breaking off the runs. Just in the CFL, it's hard to give a running back 16 carries when his O-Line doesn't allow them to because it goes for negative yards.

As the season goes on and the O-Line gets more chemistry with Ricky and things start working, you'll see that average go up substantially.

It also hasn't help his O-Line has gone against the best D-Line in the league already 2 times this season. The Bombers are a beast on the D-Line with Ron Warner, Gavin Walls, Canada and Doug Brown.

I really hope Edmontons run defense stiffens up by the time Toronto comes into town because Ricky will run wild on it. When AJ Gass and Joe Montford get some games together, their run D will be like last year.

Nice post Eskstmac, I also think that once we get further into the season and Reynolds gets some more touches his average will drop a bit.

Williams is OK running up center but does not have the speed to go outside.

unless he sees his dealer