Average Fan Age?

Given the discussion in the Where are the Fans post, just curious what peoples thoughts are on this question.

Just from what i've seen the average has got to be around 40-50?

Except for the odd kid, and a few people my age (26) usually the people I bring its alot of older people where I am sitting.

What happens when the older people move on?

Good question, I am 50 my son is 21, at my work where we let customers park, the ages range from a group of 30 ish olds and some 60 year olds. Over all of the 50 or 60 people that park here I d set the average at about 40 and getting a little younger every year. Cant let the young ones get away !!!!

I’m 29 friend I bring tend to be 2 -3 fans 26-29 and usually my father and father in law and few of their friends come to who are 50-60 years old. usually i see most fans are in the range of 40+ with the odd younger group mixed in

Im 23

I'm older than 51 and younger than 53........ :lol:

I'm 41.

I am 53, my son is 19 and a big Cat & CFL fan as well.

24... no other fans my age willing to take in a full season for various reasons...

I'm 22 turning 23 next month

:rockin: :rockin:

By the time us old farts have moved on to that CFL game in the sky, you’ll be an old fart taking our places. Funny how that works.

An Argo-Cat fan

To me, this varies greatly by section.
I sometimes find that out in the endzone, the average age seems to be about 25. Same with in Sec 21 and 22. That would make a whole lotta sense considering dropping $40 or $50 would be pretty difficult for some dude barely out of school.

Walking around the stadium -- not sure, early 40's maybe? Doesn't seem a whole lot different than any other sporting event I go to. Aside from Toronto Rock lacrosse which way over indexes on shirtless 13 year olds.

Edit ...oh, and I just turned 33 (which, blows me, and many others, away. One day I'll grow up, I promise!)

I am 63 my sons are 27 & 11

I just celebrated the 31st anniversary of my 20th birthday so I am still basically a young pup. I don't make it to a lot of games but from what I can see, I think the CFL is doing a good job of attracting the younger crowed. The TV ratings analysis seems to indicate that they are doing quite well in that 18-35 bracket which advertisers say is so crucial. The future seems to be there, we just have to hang on to it.

Hey everyone,
I’ve been a fan for MANY years, and reading the forum for quite some time, but this is my first post...
(age 23)


I'm pretty sure my first words were "argos Suck" So will my children's. Is that wrong?

I'm 33.

I'm 22, I'd say 95% of friends my age don't care about the CFL they see it as 2nd rate/tier.

They watch the NFL over the CFL and when I ask it's mostly because they hear a heck of a lot more about the NFL through major media in Canada, they say when you watch on tv it's like high school the TSN has been a huge step up from CBC though. CBC seemed and seems like it's geared more towards people 40 and up.

It hurts to think how much of our taxes go into the CBC and the only thing on there worth watching is HNIC, and W-5.

In my 50’s. My kids are fans and my grandchildren will be heavily influenced to watch also.
I love all football and watch as much as I can.

I'm 206.

My wife and I are 33 & 36. Season holders in front are Dad and daughter, 30 & 55? Couple of rows down are 2 families of 4, 30ish parent with yougins! Great to see them there!

I’ve been bringing my 4 year old nephew to some of the earlier games, although he gets restless and doesn’t completely understand the game, every time he notices a Ti-cat logo somewhere in the city he screams “TI-CATSSS?

Future fan for sure...