Average Cfl game has 45.38 points.

This season has been so pathetic... Teams can't average 23 points a game? Pathetic. The NFL averaged 47 points last season and less the nine penalties a game. I'd be happy if each CFL team could average 9 a Game..lol

Take away all of the singles that are awarded for missed punts and kicks and the scores would be even worse this year.
A punter fails to place the ball on the 2 or 5 yard line and it rolls into the end zone and he's awarded with a point?
A kicker fails to put the ball through the uprights and he gets a single point?
Time to stop inflating scores by giving out single points for failures.

You are right, this year the games are pathetic. I hate to say it but I think a lot of people will be looking forward to next Thursday when the NFL kicks off and we start seeing offense again and exciting football.

NFLGAL (alias mikem)
why bother visiting the CFL forums when you constantly reiterate that the NFL is real football?

Only people who are quitters by nature will switch allegiances over 1 low scoring year !
The single isn't new to the the CFL , It has been around for a while . It's what makes our game unique , if you don't like it , don't watch , very simple !

The no fun league is as dry as it gets . Fair catch .... Has to be the most exciting play ever :roll: you can't celebrate a TD or that's a penalty . 3 minutes left in a game and a team winning by 1 with the ball,you don't have to watch the end of it . As the game is over !

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: The absolute worst CFL game is more exciting than an NFL game. 4 downs to go 10? Fair catch? Shorter, narrower field with smaller end zones? Oooohhhh, I can't wait. :lol: :lol: Go back to the No Fun League if you like it so much but you might think about changing your name NFLGAL.

To the OP low scores don't necessarily mean a boring game. BC and the Riders didn't even hit 40 points last Sunday but it was a very good football game. The excessive penalties is a problem, the phantom penalties, the endless string of challenges by coaches and the CC, the frivolous PI challenges and all this happening in a season when the league has a new chief official. And that's just the problems with the officials and officiating. New coaches, a new team, expansion draft among other things have all played a role.

Just a low scoring game does not equal boring.

I don’t mind a low-scoring game, if the defences are playing well. But a lot of the low-scoring games this year have been due to off-target passes and dropped balls. And when there is finally a good play, turns out some idiot got ahead of the snap count or something and the play comes back. Two-and-out after two-and-out. And then Rod Black chimes in about how “this is a real defensive battle.” No it’s not. Guys tripping over their own feet, snaps sailing over players’ heads, this is not defensive football.

But as with every year, I will watch only CFL until the Grey Cup. Why? Because it’s the only brand of football I like. Sure, I watch the Super Bowl every year, but just because it’s the last thing that even remotely resembles a football game I’ll be able to watch until June.

There are several reasons that have already been stated as to why teams seem to be playing pre-season football on Labour Day weekend. But this is an anomaly, and we can expect that next season will be more like all the others. But to deride the CFL because games average 45.38 points, while the NFL averages 47, is kooky-talk. Does that extra 1.62 points really mean that much to you? :?

Average CFL Fans consumes 3.56 Alcoholic Beverages during a Game :rockin: :rockin:

I am shocked we've average 45 points a game. Anyway, I hope the 2nd half of the season is better than the first.

new clock rules will help. More possessions and better clock rules will allow offenses to execute better on offense and change the game plan.... It's one of the biggest problems in the CFL.

Is there a way to compare 45.38 with previous years?

Did he/she have a gender orientation surgery or is the person in question a split personality?

Gender orientation? :? So depending on which way he/she points it, he/she is a he or a she?

Boy that's complicated. Or should I have said girl?

Lol. Funny. :thup:

Last year it was 52.4. The last time it was this low was 1985. Apparently it was 64 in 1991 with Flutie and the other QBs lighting things up.

I'm confident it'll start to go back up as the CFL gets some good players back from the NFL through cuts. This is also an unusual year for injuries, and guys are getting healthy.

For gamblers, blindly betting all total under pointspreads have been mostly profitable in 2014 and previous seasons except for a few. There are theories why this happens. First, defenses normally outplay offenses in first half of season. Secondly, most teams have new quarterbacks or offensive coordinators. Third, excess penalties and reviews hurt scoring. Fourth, east division is really weak and western teams score just enough to win.