Average Alouettes

Your Alouettes look awfully normal without your saviour Calvillo. If I were you I would be worried come play-off time. They may want the Bombers in the eastern final because they are afraid of the TiCats after last week. If the plan is to rest until then and let Winnipeg roll of over you and make the rouge look like a bunch of high school players ( which they are without Calvillo), then here are the negatives with such a plan:
1/ Both TiCats and Bombers gain confidence going in to the play-offs.
2/ Both teams get enough points to prevent a west cross-over. Likely the way Edm is playing.
2/ Montreal faces either TiCats or Bombers who believe they can beat the rouge, which is quite evident last week and now today. All about momentum and confidence. Alouttes look bad all of a sudden. lol
3/ Montreal falters going in and lose the eastern final. Has happened before and likely to happen again if Calvillo can't play. The Alouttes are choke artists and Calvillo is the king

I am going to enjoy seeing Montreal choke in the play-offs. It has already started! let the fun begin!
Advice: Get yourself another QB. Calvillo is washed-up!

24-9. at the half. What a joke of a team. The record means nothing if you can't win the big game. You can't! :slight_smile:

Advice back: Make up your mind and stop contradicting yourself. . . is it (a) that the Als are "awfully normal" without their "saviour" Calvillo, or (b) we need another QB because Calvillo is washed up?

Please clarify.

What is so funny and typical is that Alouette fans are reading my post but are not replying. Why? Because how can you reply to the truth. The cocky Calvillo and company not only beat teams but run up the scores ( I have watched them go for TD's late in the game when they could have taken a knee out of respect for the other team) and insult other teams. Now, it is the leagues team to hand Montreal a nice beating. Nice! As much as I wanted Montreal to beat WPG today and help Hamilton, I should not have expected the choke artists to do anything differently. I am enjoying the beating! Karma boys, Karma!

Win a big game???????? We clinched a playoff spot 3 weeks ago. WE ARE 13 AND 3! Don't be mad that Winnipeg is going to win and be tied with you in the standings. Half our starters are not playing. If it wasn't for your amazing coach and starting Porter for a few weeks, you would have clinched a playoff spot along time ago. Now go troll somewhere else!

He is washed up because of his age. The team has relied too much on him to carry them and you are seeing the result of a bunch of average players carried by a great QB. Yes, the "O" line has saved him and his ability to throw the ball away at the right time.
So, sounds contradictory but really two separate thoughts with the same outcome. Please focus on the scenarios I presented. They make sense and are likely given the game last week and today.

Yes, Mike "win the big game". Look at your record in the decade we call the 2000's. How many tickets to the big game have there been? how many Grey cups? Don't pull the " well, at least we have been to the big game" crap. Your team will choke again! Deal with the question. Trolling? Free country my friend. You are invited to our site anytime my friend!
And yes, I agree, Porter should have not started after Labour day. We have lost 6 close games this year ( Sask/Edm/Montreal/TO/WPG?Calgary. Turn them into wins and we have first place. And Porter was in some of them. I am reasonable and look at the truth. Do you? Answer my charges like I have answered and agreed with yours.
The Troll

Let me say this, boys, I am still want Montreal to win the game today. It helps the Cats in our quest. The way Edm sis playing, it may not matter and both Ham and WPG may still get in. But, the facts are the facts and as Matt Dunnigan just said, Montreal has lost their invincibility ans swagger and look "normal" now! Good luck in the 2nd half!

Hey Mike, I just watched your back-up centre, Brian Chiu snapped the ball over MacPhersons head. Oh, wait, Chiu is the experienced starter. I guess he is not the back-up player that is part of the reason they are being whipped...lol

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lol! Nice TD Montreal! Thank-you. A few more and I will leave! :slight_smile:

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Am I not allowed to come on here? if that is true, I will go away and see you in the east final. but don't threaten me. That is not nice! just explain the rules to a noobie and teach! threats hurt!

reading that guys posts gave me a headache...i dont think he actually reads what he has been writing LOL...als will be in the cup game i cant see a determined als team losing to the cats or bombers lol....either way all he is doing is whining cause his team cant beat you but the bombers apparently can...its nice to see the practice roster being used by the als LOL

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Just a bitter drunk who is pissed because the Als played it smart. Ticats can take care of their own business.