I've been posting to this blog going on 2 years
And still no Alouettes avatar available in the "avatar" section of the User Control Panel choices.

BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton and Saskatchewan.

There are only 8 teams in the league...how hard would it be to provide even a few cool icons for each?

I'll bet the NFL has icons for every one of it's 10,000 teams....you'd think the CFL could too.

Bloody amateurish...and pretty embarrassing.

I agree there Kyle, or is it Stan?

I am lucky there's a Riders one, otherwise I would be sending angry email after angry email to the CFL to let them know about this embarassment.

It makes no sense. Give us more avatars.

Man, I've been saying that for a looooong time.

And on a side note, I can't get my signature to add to my profile.

It just tells me that it has to be 100 pixels. This is new because I had that same signature for 6 months before I had to make a new account. Now I can't add any signature with an image at all.

This just dawned on me... as if they have South Park avys, but not avys for all the teams. :lol:

They're too busy with another needless board re-work. As we are still posting here, clearly the sign-in process is not yet how they want it.

It's Stan.

And I'm on board for the need for more avatars. I mean, it's nice that there are some Ti-Cat ones, but I'm pretty one of ours is of Casey Printers. Why not give Ti-Cat fans the option of Mike O'Shea and Adriano Belli as well.

Enough with the unnecessary forum updates (and, to be honest, I haven't noticed any actual changes; has anyone else?) and makes some changes where people actually seem to want them.

i'd rather have the option of putting my own avatar up, you know im all for supporting my bombers but id rather have an avvy that is more personal than a team logo....

maybe its just me.... :roll:

Individual choice on the internet? That's madness!

I wouldn't mind an Ottawa option, if that's okay with Hopson. :twisted:

Come back about 2031. Next week they're unveiling avatars for the new US teams.

cant believe they don't let you even upload your own avatars

I can not only believe it, but understand why we can't use our own. There have been some issues with improper images being posted in the past. I have no problem not being able to use a personal avatar, and really couldn't care less if I wasn't able to use an avatar at all.

I hope you aren't serious.
Every other message board on the internet has an uploader.
If you use an inappropriate image then a mod bans you... simple as that.

Uh, yeah, I am serious. There have been issues in the past. And really, I don't care about what other forums do or don't do - I have accounts on other internet forums as well, and not once have I ever found it necessary to add a picture there...I've got far more important things to stress about than whether or not I can use a picture on an internet forum...:roll:

...and "banning" isn't always as simple as just "banning"...

I don't have an issue with not being able to add my own, but I think they probably should upload at least one avy for every team. I mean, how do you have South Park but not Winnipeg? :lol:

Yeah I don't care about custom avatars, but there really should be a selection for every team.

Well, Winnipeg may be a bad example. But I know what you mean.

Maybe they could have an “avatar week” or something…

Specify a week, give everyone some notice, and tell everyone who wants to that they can upload an avatar to a server.
They then can select or discard any images as they see fit, and add them to the existing pathetic avatar pool.

I don’t know how practical it is, but it might be a cool concept.

It's probably way too good of an idea to ever be considered....